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Amoré Silver Heart Box™ with Abstract Shape

Silver Heart Boxes

Unique Features:

- Finished entirely of silver-plating material.
- Sleek abstract heart design constructed of solid metal.
- Lined with velvet material on the interior.
- Its metallic surface can be engraved.
- This item has an all-metallic body.
- Wrapped in tissue and an individual white gift box.
- About 1 ½" high (from the base to the top) and 3" wide.

$14.85 per set of 3 ($4.95 each)

Product Description:

Yet another heart-shaped box, you say? Quite the contrary. This elegant piece has a chic abstract heart design making it a wonderful wedding memento with both a practical and decorative purpose. After all, it isn't just about being a beautiful box.

To present them at the reception, be creative with color and package them in a gorgeous fabric, or just tie a lovely ribbon around each box. They are also ideal as gifts for bridesmaids. Perfect for holding bridesmaid's jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets.

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Silver Plated Heart Boxes
Amoré Silver Heart Keepsake Box™ + 12" Zaarni Organza Wrap Circle™
Give an extra special favor by presenting a keepsake box in gorgeous wrapping. For an attractive display, select wraps in colors of pink, red, and fuchsia.

Each set consists of 3 individual boxes and wraps.


$17.85 per set of 3
($5.95 each box and wrap)

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