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Shop for Unique Baptism or baby Girl's shower Favors

The celebration of a baptism is just as joyous as a marriage. Considered as the first sacrament to be received by Catholics, a baptism is a time when both parents proclaim their responsibility and faith in teaching their child the ways of the Church. A baptism is a ceremony involving godparents who must also be practicing Catholics. When planning a party for a baptism, giving favors that are both meaningful and tasteful is a wonderful way to remember this special occasion. Below you will find an elegant array of unique baptism favors for a baby girl - many of these items are also popular as baby shower favors:

Porelain Favor Box Mini  Purse Frame with Organza Rose Bag

Marikei Porcelain Favor Box with 12"Zaarni Organza Wrap Circle

Kaibeya Purse Favor Bag

Fiore Bella Favor Bag with Frelerina Frame

Pink Flower Favor Bag Mini Flower Pot in Pink Roses Organza Wrapped Candles

Lusetalleanté Flower
Favor Bag

Florentina Flower Pot Place Card Holder

Zabenya Rose Candle with 17" Zaarni Organza Circle

Egg Favors Silver Box with Pink Organza Round Porcelain Box

Fiovalé Porcelain Keepsake Egg with 12" Zaarni Organza Wrap

Amoré Silver Heart Box with 12" Zaarni Organza Wrap

Marikei Porcelain Favor Box

Personalized Tag Slipper Favor Favor Tags
Soignée Wedding Favor Tag
Solilei Porcelain Slipper
Gianélene Wedding Favor Tag
Ivory Place Frame Silver Basket Mini Heart Boxes

Frelerina Enamel
Ivory Frame

La Dolce Vita Petite
Silver Favor Basket

Celestienne Treasure Silver Keepsake


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