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Cherelie Flower Box™

Cherelie Flower Boxes - Silver-plated Oval Boxes


Unique Features:

- Made with a silver-plated finish.
- Inside is lined with velveteen fabric.
- Has a unique oval shape - perfect for petite-sized candies.
- Features a removable top lid and metallic body.
- Measures 2 ¼" x 1 ½" x 1".

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$8.85 per set of 3 ($2.95 each) (Out of stock)

Product Description:

Oui, madame. C'est magnifique. The Cherelie Flower Box is an expression of sheer sophistication; its silver-plated and oblong-shaped body is fabulous for holding wedding treats, unique charms, or personalized scrolled messages. A beautiful crown of silver antique floral adornments decorates the lid of each charming box, while a dark velvet lining covers its interior. Although they are excellent on their own, these unique keepsake boxes can also be packaged in our shimmering and colorful 12" Zaarni Organza Wraps - use aqua or pink for beautiful winter-inspired packaging.

This item is currently unavailable. For a similar product, please refer to the Celestienne Treasure Keepsake.


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