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Shop for Picture Frame and Photo Frame Favors

Present your guests' place cards in our beautiful picture frames. Practical and stylish, our collection of photo frames are perfect for weddings, engagement parties, or any special event. They are great not only for organizing your seating arrangements, but also for displaying your favorite wedding photos. Use our wonderful frames as unique place card holders that double as precious mementos.View all

Gold Place Frames Nautical Shell Frames

Marcoro Gold Place Frame

Cescaleña Seashell Place Frame

Ivory Place Frame Frelerina Enamel Frame - Frieze Enamel Favor Picture Frame

Bianna Ivory Place Card Frame

Frelerina Ivory Place Frame

Irezzia Abalone Frame Pella Zucar Frame

Irezzia Abalone Picture Frame

Pella Zucar Wedding Frame

Seashell Frame Round Place Frame with Swarovski Crystal

Cescaleña Seashell Place Frame w/ Tray

Birgitta Round Crystal Picture Frame

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