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Niña Kirei Rhinestone Candle Votive™ with Glass Holder

Nina Kirei Jewel Votives - Votive Candle Holders Daisy votive candle holders

Unique Features:

- Made with durable chrome-plating, including its base.
- Votive holder stands on a base of three round beads.
- Decorated with blue rhinestones in the form of a daisy.
- Measures 2 ¼" x 2 ½" x 3" .
- Includes a glass holder standing 2 ½.
- Can fit either a tea light or votive candle.
- Ideal for a Gerbera Daisy themed wedding.

$13.00 per set of 4 ($3.25 each)

Product Description:

Specks of shining silver and dazzling jeweled accents set the scene for a romantic evening reception. Each jeweled votive is hand assembled with sparkling blue rhinestones that form a beautiful flower. The scintillating beauty of these votives also make them ideal for an enchanting engagement party with a floral-inspired theme. » Click to view slideshow

When giving them as guest favors that function as table decorations during a reception, package them in a creative manner by wrapping them in 17" Zaarni Favor Wraps.

This item is part of Bellenza's silver wedding favors and blue collection. For an elegant party using these candles, read more about table decorations for a theme inspired by daisies:



Niña Kirei Rhinestone Candle Votive ™ + 17" Zaarni Organza Wrap Circle™
Use our iridescent 17" organza to present guests with votive holders in a stylish fashion. Choose your favorite colors, or mix and match them.

Each set consists of 4 votives and wraps.

Wrap Colors

$17.00 per set of 4
($4.25 each)

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