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Solilei Cinderella Porcelain Slipper™

Solilei Porcelain Slippers - Delft-style Porcelain Wedding Favors


Unique Features:

- Slipper is decorated with blue and silver floral accents.
- Constructed of fine porcelain with delft blue floral pattern.
- A pedestal holds the shoe in place.
- Each shoe measures about 3 ¼" long and 1" wide.
- White gift box measures 3 ½" x 3 ½" x 3".
- Ideal for a Winter Wonderland theme, shoe themed bridal shower, or Cinderella theme.

$7.50 per set of 2 ($3.75 each)

Product Description:

Looking for a favor that is also a gift? Our elegant porcelain slipper is the answer. Each one comes in a beautiful white gift box with a removable lid. Inspired by Dutch delft blue designs, the tip of this petite slipper is decorated with floral accents, while its backside is hand decorated with charming ribbons intertwined with fancy pearls and light blue rose buds.

Makes a unique favor at a wedding tea party with a whimsical party theme. Personalize them with an elegant favor tag for a decorative accent. Also ideal as favors for a Quinceanera or Sweet 16 birthday bash!

For a decorative centerpiece, stack these petite gift boxes in a tiered fashion to create a lovely table decoration. Its unique shape makes it ideal for fitting five Jordan almonds, and other similar candy. Match it up with a purse and gown for a fun fashion-inspired party.


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