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About Bellenza


Shouldn’t the experience of planning a wedding be just as enjoyable as the celebration itself, or have the words “fondant” and “tulle” become “bridezilla” speak? Shouldn’t the accessories of your ceremony be reflective of your style and personality, or have you already seen enough ring pillows that a pillow fight with the groom is looming around the corner? Shouldn’t your favors be gestures of gratitude and appreciation, or have you encountered enough unique favors that uniqueness has lost its meaning? Putting aside all these dizzying questions, why should wedding planning be this frenzied? Doesn’t everyone deserve to have his or her cake, and eat it, too (of course, seconds included)? We certainly believe so - based on the simple ideal that your wedding experience is one that should be enjoyed, shared, and remembered.


At Bellenza, our philosophy embraces this ideal with a passion for designing products that are both creatively useful and unique. When working with various materials such as fabrics, we approach them as an artistic canvas for producing something truly extraordinary. As an example, we crafted the design of our Sofearélla Rose Sachet Bag™ by carefully sewing satin and organza individually into flowers – rendering them to follow the form of a pretty Victorian pomander. However, looks alone did not suffice, functionality was also essential, which is why each bag was formed into a clever cylindrical shape and attached with a decorative pearl handle - allowing it to be used both as a favor container and a place card holder.

Designing for style and function isn’t just about the artistic rendering of an object; it’s also about selecting the right combination of materials that must work together to produce a real masterpiece. For instance, when choosing the fabrics for our Lusetalleanté Flower Favor Bag™, we were simply drawn to the brilliant luster and texture of silk shantung, which served as the inspiration for using two fabric layers to create the body of these sachet bags. Our goal was to coordinate dual layers of silk shantung in order to produce a harmonious blend of unique hues, which could not be achieved by using one layer of fabric alone. Hence, each bag comes in a beautiful palette paired in chartreuse and apricot, lilac and pink, and silver and blue. We finished them off by topping each bag with a subtle floral decoration, while making sure that each bag opens perfectly into a graceful flower.

Beyond functionality and materials, the details of the embellishments that we apply to our products is what makes discerning mothers and brides appreciate Bellenza’s distinctive creations. Similar to creating a wedding cake, once you’ve placed the icing, the real excitement and personality of the cake comes alive when the decorations are applied – often entailing tireless hours and lots of patience. We manage our products with just the same care and attention. To illustrate, the multitude of tiny shells of our Cescaleña Seashell Place Frame™ are carefully handpicked, and then individually attached to fill the border of each frame. Once the base layer of shells is placed, we added more elaborate and colorful shells, giving each frame an elegant layered appearance.

With a constant eye for aesthetics, we believe in treating every detailed embellishment not just as generic components of design, but also as fine details evocative of an emotional and meaningful message - ultimately relished by the bride and groom. Thus, Bellenza’s array of handmade guest favors and couture-inspired bridal accessories is made as a limited collection at any one time – ensuring their quality and workmanship.


With an ongoing commitment to originality and artistry, we also want your site visit to be just as enjoyable as our products by approaching your buying and browsing experience as one complete endeavor. Since for many of our brides, planning a wedding often involves family members and friends, we designed our site around this collective process. By furnishing our website with spectacular product pictures that emphasize usage and theme, crafting a simple navigational layout, and by providing informative product and theme ideas, we hope to make every visit one that is leisurely, educational, and social. More importantly, we continuously aspire to make your visit to Bellenza - one that is happily shared with others. With Bellenza, this day will truly be “Your Special Moment Remembered Forever.”

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