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Ideas and Themes for Planning a Fun Bachelorette Party

If the groom and his friends have their bachelor's party, the bride and her friends may opt to have a bachelorette party, too! The ladies of the bridal entourage and other close friends and relatives usually handle the planning of this affair. Also, tradition once dictated that the bachelorette party be held the night before the wedding. But for obvious practical considerations, it tends to take place as early as a month or two weeks prior to the big day.

Exciting Party Themes and Unique Color Schemes

The most exciting aspect of planning a bachelorette party is the chance to bring a truly fun or even wacky theme to life. Some great theme ideas you can consider are: Mardi Gras, Havana Nights, Cinco De Mayo, Las Vegas, Naughty and Nice, Moulin Rouge, or Disco Nights! For an ethnic twist, you could try an East Meets West theme or a Spanish Fiesta where you can celebrate the festive cultural aspects of your ethnicity.

If choosing from so many fun party themes proves too difficult, why not use a vibrant color scheme to anchor your celebration instead? Chocolate brown and lilac is one unexpected color pairing that hints at the scrumptious party spread that guests can expect. While a black and fuchsia combination immediately makes a chic and sassy statement. Imagine planning decorations and party favors around these unique color motifs!

Take a Practical Approach to Making the Party Fun

A hassle-free approach to your bachelorette party would be to go to the professionals. For an in-house celebration, in particular, it would be advisable to hire a bartender and/or rent a mobile cocktail bar. This arrangement not only saves you the expense and bother involved in having to purchase and mix your own drinks, but many party vendors can also provide services beyond bartending—such as preparation of hors d'oeuvres and even selection and set up of party decorations. So do take advantage of this. Reminder: As a courtesy to guests and a wise precaution, be sure to have a designated driver or taxi cab for those who may take one drink too many for the night.

Set Up a Budget and Have a Plan

Fun is fine, but it's best approached responsibly. So, even the most wacky party needs basic organization. Map out a plan and a budget, and discuss these with everyone involved—especially since tasks will most likely need to be assigned among the entourage members. Create a guest list and manage it accordingly, keeping in mind that the list will most likely expand as the planning progresses. Also, develop a calendar to keep things under control as the day of the party draws near. Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of the web, most of these details can be managed on-line!

Plan Games to Keep the Party Going

Come the day of the party itself, even the most exciting theme needs something more to keep guests engaged. Prepare a variety of interactive games that can be enjoyed by everyone, and that also allow guests to take prizes home afterwards. For example, at a Moulin Rouge-themed party, guests can join in an impromptu can-can lesson; while at an exotic Moroccan themed party, professional belly dancers can pull guests to participate in the fun. The rest of the guests then get to serve as judges to award the best dancers. If your theme is an African Safari, you can plan games involving the sounds of jungle animals or a Survivor-style challenge! Then, of course, be sure to have equally fun themed prizes for the winning guests!

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