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Shop for Bridal Shower Tea Party Favors to Plan a Charming Affair

Whether having a traditional English tea or a similar arrangement, tea parties can be planned at anytime of the year. It can be held as an indoor or outdoor event and is not necessarily limited as an afternoon affair, since many parties can also be hosted at mid-day or brunch. Selecting a theme for the party is also a wonderful way to personalize it with a style or color that reflects your personality. For a memorable favor, give a pretty sachet filled with a frame, a lovely purse favor bag contained with chocolates, or a Limoges-style porcelain favor box. Browse through our inspiring collection of tea party favors and plan the perfect party or you can view a slideshow:

Egg Party Favors for Wedding Silver Candy Baskets Bridal Purse Favor

Azuevo Porcelain
Keepsake Box

La Dolce Vita Petite Basket

Kaibeya Purse Favor Bag

Porcelain Shoe Favors Flower Pot Place Card Holders Rose Organza  Favor Bag

Solilei Porcelain Slipper

Florentina Flower
Pot Place Card Holder

Fiore Bella Rose
Embroidered Bag

Keepsake Jewelry Boxes Organza Gift Wrapped Heart Boxes Sachet Bags with Embroidery

Amoré Silver Heart Box

Charisse Heart Boxes in
Favor Wraps

Issabela Favor Bag

Mini Gown Sachet Tulle Favors - Bella Bonniere Tulle Wrap - Italian Tulle Favor Wrap Mini Frame in a Organza Bag
Petite Jeune Bridal
Gown Favor
Bella Tulle
Frelerina Place Frame in
Organza Bag
Place Frame in a Organza Favor Bag Sinamay Favor Box Porcelain Footstool Box

Bianna Place Frame with
Laudene Sachet Bag

Charisse Heart Favor Box

Emélie Footed
Porcelain Box

Select unique and elegant bridal shower favors that fit your budget

Since most bridal showers are often planned by a close friend of the bride-to-be, it is often necessary to have a budget for hosting a bridal shower. For this reason, it is a good idea to find favors and table decorations that are affordable yet still presentable. As an example, miniature baskets decorated with ribbons and filled with petite-sized treats make thoughtful favors that are sure to be savored and much appreciated. Sweets such as peppermint candy, jelly beans, or chocolate eggs make the perfect treats to place in charming mini straw favor baskets. And for a fanciful treat, you can also offer delicious petit fours presented in decorated silver candy baskets (see pictures below for examples). Have these baskets laid out on a table with a matching tablecloth in a pretty design such as gingham, toile, or paisley. Lay these baskets in a special arrangement using a tray or cake stand together with your refreshments.

Additionally, to save you time and money, here are some easy and unique ideas for tea shower favors:

- Lip balm tins packaged in embroidered favor bags.
- Miniature purse favors filled with a mirror compact.
- Heart-shaped boxes containing homemade cookies.
- Silver heart paperweights tied with colorful ribbons.
- Personalized bracelets presented in silk jewelry pouches.
- Cinderella porcelain slippers filled with jordan almonds.

Some helpful tips on planning bridal shower teas:

- Be sure that there is an individual assigned to coordinating the event. This is usually the Maid of Honor, but sometimes the job is also handled by one of the bridesmaids.

- Select refreshments (i.e., teas and coffees) that are flavorful and available in decaffeinated choices. For summer receptions, it is also common to serve ice tea and coffee. It is also not uncommon to serve cool champagne to guests.

- Find bridal shower favors that also serve as table decorations for money-saving ideas. Miniature potted plants or bridal mannequins are some great examples. Additionally, be sure to use elegant touches around your serving area like adding ribbons and colorful candies. You can use cake stands, trays, or containers such as sinamay boxes and organza favor bags to display candy.

- Locate a unique venue for the bridal shower such as a dining court of a library, museum café, a veranda of a beautiful botanical garden, or a function room of yacht club. There are also many specialty tea houses that cater to bridal shower receptions.

- Bring a digital camera to the shower and keep it handy. Use these pictures to create a memorable scrapbook for the bride-to-be.

- Give unique gifts that both the bride and groom can use or appreciate at home such as artistic painting or Zen fountain.

- Create a memorable bridal shower scrapbook or photo album for the bride. Find one that can be monogrammed with her initials, or create your own monogram at home using a desktop graphics software.

To read more on planning bridal showers, you may want to look at some related articles on selecting bridal shower favors, packaging ideas for a purse themed shower.

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