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Beautiful Cinderella-Inspired Favor Ideas

Plan a glamorous wedding reception inspired by the beautiful story of Cinderella. Bellenza offers an array of elegant favors from pretty porcelain keepsakes to whimsical bridal mannequins. These also make wonderful table decorations and can be matched with a variety of color palettes.

Porcelain Egg Boxes Purple Sachet Bag French footed box

Azuevo Porcelain Keepsake

Sofearélla Rose
Pomander Favor Bag

Emélie Footed Box in Porcelain

Cinderella Princess Favor Custom Favor Hang Tags - Gianelene Gift Tag Gift Wrapped Candles

Petite Jeune Bridal Gown Favor

Gianélene Wedding Favor Tag

Zabenya Rose Candle
with 17" Zaarni Organza Circle

Organza Fabric Circles Gold Favor Frames Picture Frame Favor

Charisse Heart Boxes
with 17" Zaarni Organza
Wrap Circle

Marcoro Gold Tone Place Frame

Bianna Ivory Place Card Frame with Laudene Sachet Bag

Ivory Flower Pot Favors Cinderella Shoe Favors White Rose Candle

Florentina Flower Pot
Place Card Holder

Solilei Porcelain Slipper

Zabenya Rose Candle

Some additional Party Ideas that you can use for planning your Event

1) Select a Hip Color Palette

Traditionally, royal blue and gold have been classic wedding colors for a Cinderella-inspired theme, however, you can also select a chic color palette with a sophisticated feel such as purple and brown, olive green and fuchsia, ivory and pink, or white and silver. You can also infuse a bold hue into your color palette to add an exciting touch. For instance, if you have a white and silver color combination, try incorporating a dash of purple or red.

2) Try Incorporating Unconventional Elements into the Event

Using unusual yet interesting elements is a great way to add dimension to the decor. Style your wedding with elements in glass or lucite, porcelain, silver accents, and soft embellishments to balance everything out. As an example, you can use jeweled votive holders as a table accent set atop an all-glass table for a modern effect. Candles also add a magical touch to the table decor, so don't be afraid to use several of them as a way of creating a spectacular tablescape. Another option is to use colorful fabrics such as purple silk shantung - this kind of fabric is rich and elegant, which allows you to go easy on the table decor, since the fabric is filled with texture.

3) Use Special Touches that Add Meaning to the Ceremony

Carry the theme of your event throughout your ceremony by using a storybook-inspired ring pillow to hold your wedding rings - a wonderful way to add a whimsical element. You can also have your wedding vows read from an elaborate scroll set in calligraphy. Another idea is to have your wedding venue set in a European castle - a romantic and luxurious way for crafting a Cinderella-inspired dream wedding.

4) Add an Extra Special Touch to the Table with Little Gifts for Guests

Since winter tends to be the most popular season for this theme, you can take the opportunity to make it extra special by giving guests what has come to be called a "gift favor" - this is a favor that is presented in the fashion of a thoughtful gift. This is particularly ideal when the wedding coincides with Christmas. Some examples include a pretty wrapped candle, a keepsake box in the shape of an egg, a personalized message tucked into a picture frame.

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