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Tips on Handling Wedding Etiquette Issues

Wedding traditions and customs have transformed greatly due to changing trends in the demographic of the today’s bridal marketplace. The dynamics of the wedding arena has consequently impacted the complexity of etiquette issues facing brides and grooms, as well as other members of the wedding party.

Wedding Planning Issues Facing Extended Families

The growing trend of extended families requires close examination of how best to address the changing roles of stepparents in the wedding ceremony. Some delicate issues include determining seating arrangements during both the ceremony and reception, as well as in other social affairs such as engagement parties and rehearsal dinners.

Concerns in Handling Gift-giving Etiquette

The topic of giving money during weddings is a popular issue especially since monetary gifts have become more acceptable today. While a common practice in Asian weddings, monetary gifts are best given in a discreet manner. Whether using a moneybox or other accoutrement for receiving checks, cash, or stock certificates, there are many ways to collecting such gifts yet not appearing awkward to wedding guests.

Minding Manners at Weddings and Other Engagement Parties

Don’t eat with your elbows on the table. Don’t drink too much. Don’t taste the icing on the cake with your fingers. These venerable words of warning have been sounded off for centuries. Depending on the type of wedding, whether a formal or casual affair, keeping a watchful eye for tact and prudence is not only practical, but also a sensible way of showing one’s respect for honoring the bride and groom on their wedding day. To consult a helpful guide on wedding etiquette, refer to Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette book for more information.

Etiquette for Giving Favors and Receiving Gifts

The common practice for determining the number of favors to give out during weddings is usually limited to one per couple. However, weddings with limited budgets tend to give out favors to every single lady attending the wedding. This is exactly the opposite practice for weddings on a lavish scale where every guest receives a wedding favor. When choosing to give edible treats such as candies and cookies, it is important to ensure that these goodies are rendered to guests in a clean and presentable manner by which ample thought and care has been taken to package the favor properly.

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