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Gift Ideas for Ring Bearer and Flower Girls

The ring bearer and flower girl bring such joy to any wedding ceremony. Thank them with thoughtful gifts that show how much you appreciate their presence on your special day. Of course, candy is always popular with children. So for an Easter-time wedding ceremony, you could surprise them with egg-shaped keepsake boxes filled with jelly beans, little chocolate eggs, or a chocolate bunny. While for a wedding by the beach, imagine their delight at receiving miniature beach buckets brimming with goodies!

Gifts with a Practical Purpose

Useful or educational gifts would also be much appreciated by the little ones—not to mention their parents. So consider such items as personalized piggy banks, teddy bears, or mini replicas of treasure chests hiding a trove of school supplies for a Treasure Hunt-themed reception. Then, for a destination wedding, you could present the young man and little lady with picture books of stories from that locale.

Gifts that Reflect a Religious or Inspirational Meaning

If you are having a conventional church ceremony, you could opt for presents with a religious meaning. For your flower girl, in particular, charming gift ideas would be: an angel figurine, a small rosary made of crystal beads, a little prayer book with her name engraved on the cover, a children's Bible, or a necklace or bracelet with a cross or angel charm. Alternatively, an inspirational saying engraved onto a picture frame or keepsake box makes a wonderful gift for a ring bearer.

Gender Specific Gifts that Don’t Break the Bank

While there are certainly endless possibilities for gifts, finding budget-friendly gifts can be a real challenge especially if you are targeting a gift specific to a boy or girl. First, consider your dollar amount to spend on each child, and then determine what to buy, and lastly, shop around for the best deal, if possible.

For the flower girls, think of fun gifts that they can appreciate and actually use:

1. children’s tea party sets
2. makeup and dress sets for dolls
3. art activity books
4. sticker sets
5. jewelry-making kits
6. kiddie baking sets
7. candy-filled bags

Boys, on the hand, would enjoy interactive and game-oriented gifts such as:

1. portable electronic games
2. model airplane sets
3. basketball, baseball, or soccer sets
4. miniature golf sets
5. board games involving strategy and adventure
6. toy trucks, race cars, or dinosaur figures

Whether edible, practical, or religious, the choice is yours. But do be sure that the gifts you select for your ring bearer and flower girl show the thought and care you put into finding a wonderful way to say "thank you."

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