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Manila Hemp - the plant where abaca is derived from. Refer to Abaca for an explanation.


Organza Embroidered Bags


This versatile fabric is known for its sheer and lightweight plain weave. It has a medium to high yarn count and can be made of silk, rayon, nylon, or polyester. Organza fabric is used for a variety of purposes such as wedding gowns, ribbons, tablecloths, and bags. This fabric is also commonly referred to as sheer organza. It comes in different grades with varying weight of the fabric. Refer to Sheer for more information.

To see an example of an wedding favor wrap, please refer to the colorful Zaarni Favor Wraps. These organza wraps are often used as alternatives to traditional tulle rounds/circles. The Laudene Sachet Bag, Issabela Favor Bag, or Fiore Bella Favor Bags are also examples of favor bags using organza with beautiful embroidery work.


Porcelain Egg Keepsake Box


- Fine porcelain is made from firing china stone and china clay (i.e., kaolin) at extremely high temperatures. Ancient artifacts indicate that the first porcelain was found to be produced during the T'ang Dynasty in 6th A.D. Porcelain is marked by a white or very light, translucent surface with great durability. The beauty and durability of porcelain makes it ideal for dinnerware, decorative vases, and other fine objects for the home - often kept as family heirlooms.
For an example of porcelain-made wedding favors, please see the Solilei Porcelain Slipper, Marikei Porcelain Favor Box, Azuevo Porcelain Egg, Emélie Footed Box, and the Fiovalé Porcelain Keepsake Egg. They are ideal for a fairy tale wedding. Porcelain is a popular alternative to both ceramic and polyresin-made containers, which break more easily. Read more about fairy tale inspired wedding favors or Christmas wedding favors.


Jeweled Candle Votive Holder


- An imitation stone that is colorless and has a glow or luster made of gem quartz, glass, or paste. Please refer to the Soséya Placecard Holder or Niña Kirei Jewel Votive for examples. These sparkling wedding favors have become popular for a Hollywood-inspired or jeweled wedding theme. Read more about rhinestone or jeweled wedding favors.


Ivy Organza Sachets


- A small bag or pouch that contains perfumed filling such as potpourri, powder, or seeds. Some common scents for sachets include lavender, lily of the valley, rose, freesia, and gardenia. Scented sachets are often used in drawers, closets, or doorknobs. For references to sachets, please see our Laudene Sachet Bag, Issabela Favor Bag, or Fiore Bella Favor Bags, which are often used as bridal shower favors, garden wedding favors.


- This fabric is characterized by a smooth and glossy surface with a dull back. It is generally made of silk or rayon fibers.


- Any lightweight fabric such as organza, chiffon, or crepe. Since these are light fabrics, they are ideal for warm weather.

Silk Bridal Sachets


- Pure silk is made when silkworm larvae produce a protein-like filament. When a silkworm forms its cocoon, it secretes a fluid that is hardened by its own secreted gum. The cocoon is placed in warm water whereby the filament is separated and the gum is removed, once the silk becomes soft. Thereafter, the silk threads are spun into production. The result is a durable and lustrous thread of fibers. It is important to note that not all silk produced from cocoons can be used as fibers; the silk produced by the Bombyx mori is highly usable for making silk. Different types of silkworms yield varying textures of silk, as well. The beauty and fine texture of silk has made it a popular material for creating a variety of unique gifts.

To see an example, view our Luméseta Silk Favor Pouch and the Saphia Silk Embroidered Pouch as an example of products made using 100% luxurious silk fabrics.

Silk Shantung Floral Ring Pillow

Silk Shantung

- This fabric is classified as a type of dupioni silk and is named after the province of Shantung in China. It has a distinctive look and lustrous feel compared to dupioni silk because it uses a heavier yarn and thus costs more when used as a material on a dress or bag. The most notable difference also lies in the appearance of slubs or bumps in the fabric.

Silver Heart Box with Crystals


- A process whereby silver or nickel is electroplated into a base metal (i.e., often copper). It is used for decorating and protecting surfaces. Silver-plated objects are a common alternative for sterling silver. Please refer to any of our silver-plated wedding favors such as the heart-shaped Cariña Silver Paperweight, Amoré Heart Box, Celestienne Treasure Keepsake, or the round-shaped Cherelie Flower Box. Read more about heart-shaped or love themed wedding favors.

Round Shell Candy Dish

Strombus luhuanus

- A conical-shaped red-lipped conch commonly found in the waters of Australia and the Pacific. These seashells are characterized by a distinct orange to pinkish interior with a cream-colored outer layer making them ideal as embellishments on a variety of decorative objects such as picture frames, jewelry, and gift boxes.

Please see an example of how these seashells were used to decorate the Anaïsa Seashell Cardholder and the Vamélour Favor Tray, which are great for Cape Cod, Beach, Hawaiian, or Tropical inspired themes. Read more about beach wedding favors.


Tulle Candy Wraps


- It is named after a town in south central France where it was first manufactured. Tulle is characterized as a lightweight fabric consisting of tiny hexagonal mesh pattern. A fine, often starched net of silk, rayon, or nylon, used especially for wedding veils or wedding gowns. It is very popular especially for wedding favors in Greek cultures whereby sugared almonds are gathered in set numbers and wrapped in tulle with a tied ribbon.

Please see Koufeta for a description of this Greek wedding practice of giving sugared almonds as wedding favors. Note that wedding favors have also become known as wedding souvenirs, wedding guest favors, guest souvenirs, and favours throughout the world.

For an example of a tulle-made wedding favors, please refer to the Bella Tulle Bomboniere or the Kaibeya Mini Tote Bag. These unique containers are also wonderful for brides that want to give classic wedding favors to their guests. Both of these bags are also favorite choices for bridal shower favors or rehearsal dinners. Read more about bridal shower favors.

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