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Shop for Heart-Inspired Favors for a Valentine's Day Wedding Party

Begin your search by finding unique party favors that express the sentiment for a love or Valentine's inspired theme party. From pretty porcelain boxes to pink sachet bags, select from a beautiful array of favors made specially by hand at Bellenza. They are also superb ideas for planning a fun bridal shower party or romantic engagement dinner at this special time of the year.

Sinamay boxes Pink Rose Bags Organza Gift Wrapped Heart Boxes

Charisse Heart Favor Box

Sofearélla Rose Sachet Bag

Charisse Heart Boxes in
Organza Wraps

Porcelain keepsake favor Miniature rose flower pots Organza wrapped frame

Emélie Footed
Porcelain Box

Florentina Flower Pot Place Card Holder

Fiore Bella Favor Bag with Frelerina Enamel Silver Frame

Heart Shaped Paperweight Heart shaped favors box Ivory picture frame

Cariña Silver Heart

Amoré Silver
Heart-Shaped Box

Pella Zucar Wedding Frame

Flower shaped Ring Pillow Favor tag Organza Wrapped Votive Candle Holders

Bella Fleur Floral Ring Pillow

Soignée Gift Favor Tag

Niña Kirei Jewel Candle Votive with 17" Wrap

Porcelain box Organza wrapped keepsake box Rose embossed candles

Marikei Porcelain Favor Box with 12"Zaarni Organza Wrap Circle

Amoré Silver Heart Box with 12" Zaarni Organza Wrap Circle

Zabenya Rose Embossed Candle

Use Pretty Heart Packaging to Present Guest Favors

Since Valentine's Day only comes once a year, calorie counting is not an option. Treat your guests to goodies such as homemade chocolate fudge brownies, fig bars, peanut brittle, or maple sugar candy wrapped in heart-shaped wedding favor boxes. Find boxes made of unique materials such as abaca or sinamay, which are ideal for packaging a variety fun treats because of their larger size. If you prefer silver heart favor boxes, many of them come in an assortment of sizes and shapes such as hearts rendered in an abstract or leaning fashion. If you prefer bags over boxes, find charming heart shaped pouches or simple organza bags with hearts imprinted on them to give out Valentine's candies.

Personalize your Favors with Heartfelt Messages of Gratitude Presented in Elegant Packaging

Apart from edible treats, you may also want to create a beautiful poem or quotation rolled in a scroll - and tied with a silver string. Then, place these messages into a charming silver box. Add a splash of color by wrapping them in organza favor wraps that are helpful for packaging items such as heart-shaped boxes, or objects that are round such as apples, oranges, and pears. And for a lovely treat, place red heart shaped chocolates in pretty white tulle purses, while a simple yet convenient way of wrapping candies is to use organza favor bags or candy favor pouches with drawstrings. Their small size makes them perfect for being reused as a practical pouch for everyday items such as keys, coins, or make up (e.g., lip balm tins, blush, and powder compacts, etc.).

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