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Materials Guide to Bellenza's line of Wedding Favors, Accessories, and Bridal Attendant Gifts

Shell card holder favor

At Bellenza, not only do we hold design in high regard, but we also strive to use the best quality of materials and techniques that are utilized in producing and sourcing our unique brand of specially handmade wedding favors, accessories, and bridal attendant gifts. Whether searching for table decorations, favor packaging, or keepsake boxes, we believe that developing an awareness of the type of materials used in these products lends itself to developing a keener sense of what really constitutes the meaning of "quality" - especially at a time when generic favors and accessories seem to flood the bridal market everyday.

Finding Unique Elements that Reflect a Special Style

As these products continue to prevail, putting together the elements that serve to make every wedding special becomes a challenge not only for wedding planners, but also for brides who have undertaken the tremendous task of planning their own weddings. This challenge translates to finding the most distinctive products, be it a wedding favor or accessory that reflect your personal style and taste. Therefore, at Bellenza we have produced a glossary of materials and techniques used in our products to provide our clients with a resource to not only better understand the quality behind our selections, but more importantly, appreciate the artistic inspiration and workmanship behind Bellenza's line of elegantly handcrafted favors, accessories, and gifts that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Organza rounds

Please click here for our Glossary of Terms on Materials and Techniques. Here you will find interesting definitions of terms that may or may not be commonly known. These include materials such as porcelain and ceramic, that are often used in making little trinket boxes; enamel, which is used in picture frames; or fabrics such as organza and silk, which are used in everything from wedding gowns to handmade miniature favor pouches and bags.

From time to time, this glossary also serves an additional function by offering brides useful information on the application and usage of certain materials and products.

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