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Tips on Using Ribbons to Decorate Favors and Gifts

Like icing on a cake, ribbons make packages come alive with color and texture. They can be used as embellishments for wrapping gifts and favors – turning a simple white box into one brimming with grace. No matter what time of the year, the versatility of ribbons makes them useful as decorations on Christmas wreaths, bridal bouquets, garlands, and wedding flags.

Ribbons Accentuate a Mood or Impart a Message

Ribbons are the little details that add fanfare to accentuate a mood or to impart a message – they can be matched with any decorative wrapping paper or luxurious fabric. The variety of ribbons in today’s marketplace range from ribbons that have a soft and supple feel such as satin and organdy to stiff or wire-edged ribbons like French wire ribbons. Velvet ribbons have also increasingly become popular for packaging presents that require an extra special touch of luxury.

Look for High Products from Known Brand Names

Advances in weaving have allowed ribbons to come in multiple textures and colors. For example, iridescent ribbons often made with taffeta or similar fabrics, renders multi-dimensional colors. Many arts and crafts retailers offer the most popular names for ribbons that include Midori®, Mokuba®, and Offray® - many of which offer extensive choices for ribbon widths and styles.

Match Ribbons To the Size of a Package and Type of Gift Wrapping

When searching for the perfect ribbon, gift-wrapping experts recommend that the size and form of the package should be one of several factors in selecting a ribbon. Since wide-width and stiff ribbons work better for packaging large-sized packages, be sure to inquire with a retailer for recommendations on the best type of ribbon for wrapping packages. Ask questions pertaining to the texture, drape, or stiffness of a ribbon - helpful in presenting and displaying gifts and favors in the most flattering way. It is also equally important to mention whether any special wrapping papers or fabric wraps will be utilized, since coordinating ribbons not only entails matching them with the appropriate size of a package, but also with the type of surface and texture of the gift wrapping.

Use Unique Textures For Presentations That Make Subtle Yet Colorful Effects

Rich and beautiful fabrics provide perfect textures for making impressive gift presentations. For instance, fabrics like sheer organza or velvet make fantastic ideas for presenting elegantly packaged gifts and favors tied with pretty ribbons. Find favor wraps, for instance, that are ideall for wrapping odd-sized presents such as bottles and vases. Displaying packages using rich fabrics and wonderful ribbons ultimately creates memorable moments in gift-giving.

Various Applications of Ribbons

Beyond wrapping presents, ribbons have now widely been used as decorative table accents with many unique applications. For example, wide satin ribbons lined up beautifully in alternating colors create a festive mood for an afternoon bridal shower tea or brunch. Wide width ribbons have been seen as part of the table setting itself wherein decorators use them to spruce up the decor of a tablecloth. You can also transform ordinary chairs into those with a playful touch by tying a giant bow around them – adding a glamorous touch to an intimate evening engagement party or soiree with Moroccan or Eastern flair.

Another popular use is to decorate wreaths with richly colored velvet ribbons in order to impart a warm feeling at any fall or winter wedding reception. Wrapping plain table napkins with raffia ribbons can make them interesting by attaching a simple embellishment such as a starfish. When giving out bottled water or sparkling champagne bottles as favors for a summer wedding, tying each bottle with a tasteful ribbon can set something ordinary into something special without demanding great time and effort. Ribbons are also ideal for presenting guest place card frames with a fashionable twist. Tie each frame with an organza ribbon that is coordinated with your wedding color and apply them as enhancements to your wedding centerpiece arrangements. In this manner, ribbons have an added benefit by allowing you to save on your wedding budget.

Using Accents to Enhance your Ribbons

Ribbons come to life when presented together with a pretty tag or label. Use a coordinated color to match with your ribbon. Gift or favor tags come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can even make them yourself if you want to make in unique forms such as purses, pears, or apples. For classic designs, find tags with a lovely border that allows you to add a touch of subtlety without spending too much time on personalizing your gift.

Ideas Beyond Ribbons

Natural materials and fabrics are also a great way to spice up any gift or favor. You can find a beautiful fabric with a decorative design or use a simple yet elegant linen and tie it up nicely. Organza is also a useful fabric to work with, since it has a nice shimmering texture. To see an example of how an organza fabric can be used, read an article about decorating caramel apples as favors, or get more gift and favor packaging ideas.

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