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Bridal Shower Tea Party Themes

When looking for bridal shower tea themes, a Victorian-inspired tea reception is a popular and classic choice, however, there are also modern and cultural themes that can be employed such as the following examples:

Tea Party with an Asian Flair » Click to View a Slideshow Now
- Asian-inspired tea would incorporate elements like Asian teas (e.g., Jasmine, Oolong , or Green tea) served along side cakes (e.g., moon cake, red bean cake, and Japanese tea pastries). Use elegant Chinese or Japanese serving trays and plates filled with tea crackers. For a lunchtime tea, try serving an array of different dimsum dishes and desserts.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
- Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme inspired by the movie would use chic porcelain with a classic touch of the 50s. Petite purses filled with a mirror compact and lip gloss would be given out as a bridal shower favors. Besides tea, serve other beverages such as Shirley Temples.

Garden or Floral Theme
- A floral themed party using flowers such as daisies as the central motif. Decorate guest tables with colorful gerbera daisies placed in glass vases. Serve desserts inspired by a floral decoration such as cupcakes topped with edible sugared flowers. Find theme-like favors such as flower seeds, floral pouches, embroidered bags, flower placecard holders, or flower-shaped cookies and candies.

City-based Bridal Shower Theme
- An “I Love New York” theme is a stylish summer tea reception with a metropolitan flair using elements such as Long Island Ice Tea and New York Cheesecake. Decorate guest tables with symbols inspired by New York City such as the Statue of Liberty. Serve iced cookies from the famous cookies of Eleni's.

Hat Party Theme with Southern or Victorian Influence
- A hat party inspired by the South - wherein guests come dressed in their favorite hats. Display favors such as porcelain keepsake hatboxes or Victorian-style shoes as a decorative part of the pastry and tea serving table. Offer finger sandwiches using fillings such as shrimp, cucumber, tuna, or chicken salad. Have a platter of pastries such as scones, petit fours, mini tarts, and cream puffs. Provide a serving table filled with unique tea flavorings that come in many forms such as flavored sugars infused with lavender or vanilla.

"Queen for a Day" Theme
- For a “beauty queen” themed bridal shower tea party, obtain samples of the bride’s favorite beauty products such as lipstick, blush, and eye shadow palettes. Prepare bridal shower favors by packaging miniature tote bags filled with foil wrapped lip-shaped chocolates, candy flavored lip balm tins, and raspberry lollipops.

Easter Tea Party or Season-Based Theme
- When hosting an Easter tea party, create a colorful display of enticing desserts amidst a beautiful table setting of fresh springtime flowers. Add delightfully sweet and cool touch by serving ice cream decorated in pretty shades of pink, yellow, purple, and blue. Provide a selection of teas that are infused with scrumptious fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Send guests home with elegantly wrapped porcelain boxes in the shape of whimsical eggs.

Fall Shower Tea Reception Theme
- For a fall bridal shower tea party, use the warm earth-tone colors of the season to add inspiration to your affair. Use shades of brown, red, and orange, which can be found in everything from flowers to desserts. For instance, find leaf-shaped chocolates as favors and present them in elegant white favor boxes. Use decorative flowers such as burgundy colored calla lilies and display them as part of centerpieces surrounded by simple tealights housed in glass votives.

Mexican-inspired Tea Party
- A visit to your local "panaderia" will be worth it for planning a fun bridal shower tea party inspired by the flavors of Mexico. Serve a variety of cookies and pastries such as Guava Empanadas, Churros with chocolate dip, and Polvorones. Be sure to have pots of Mexican hot chocolate or Cafe de Olla available. Play classic Flamenco guitar music and display beautiful glass vases filled with vibrant red roses - adding a romantic flair to the occasion. As favors, give your guests delicious Mexican wedding cookies presented in delightful embroidered favor bags.

Polka-Dot Party
- A polka-dot themed tea party decorated in a pink and chocolate brown color motif is a fun event at anytime of the year. Using this theme, have a delightful wedding shower serving colorful pink iced cookies and delicious orange and spice teas, which is a wonderful break from those dreary winter blues. Select colorful pink decorations in different hues to add depth without going overboard. For example, pretty pink potted flower bouquets lined around as centerpieces whether on a round or long table turns into a vibrant display perfect for memorable photographs. Find pictures from magazines that cover flower decorating, home decorating, or country living for inspiration.

Purse Party
- Similar to hat party, this particular theme entails bringing your favorite purse to the party. Find elegant purse-inspired favors and edible treats. For example, you can fill mini purses with salt water taffy or chocolate hearts.

Shoe Party Theme
- A shoe-inspired bridal shower party is an ideal theme for the bride who has to have the latest pointy shoes or stilettos to hit the fashion scene. Find invitations with whimsical shoe motifs and use them as inspiration for selecting other elements of the party. From chic to girly designs, find shoe themed party favors and table decorations with a whimsical tone to create a wonderful celebration. For example, little shoe place card holders are the perfect choice for setting guest place settings, and at each setting, be sure to place a lovely gift of gratitude such as a pretty petite shoe presented in a white gift box.

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