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How to Choose a Wedding Cake that Suits your Style

The wedding cake – often considered the pièces de résistance of the wedding menu could be a simple butter cream creation to a fancy fondant icing masterpiece. Wedding cakes span numerous options and are not limited to a three-tier configuration. Moreover, brides have also chosen a series of smaller decorative cakes in different colors and flavors for the wedding.

Uniquely-shaped Wedding Cakes Gain Popularity

Many brides have opted for cakes in unusual designs and shapes using a variety of icing and fillings. Shapes have taken many unique forms from whimsical Cinderella shoes to colorful gift boxes with draping ribbons. When selecting a design, brides often base their inspiration on personal interests and hobbies such as golf, tennis, basketball, windsurfing, or polo.

Get Creative with Selecting Cake Toppers

Cake toppers span traditional to funky designs. Many of them can also be customized in a whimsical fashion patterned after the bride and groom. Some brides also choose cake toppers that are family heirlooms. Glass or crystal toppers are also popular choices, many of which come in a variety of forms, such as swans. When looking to achieve a dramatic look, some brides also opt to have a replica of their wedding bouquet as the choice for their cake topper – often rendered in sugar or real flowers. For a cake topper with a humorous twist, some couples also select their favorite childhood heroes or characters such as Mr. And Mrs. Potatohead®.

Custom Cakes Inspired by a Distinctive Element

An elegant approach to creating artistic cakes is to base the design on a unique embellishment on your wedding gown or other similar component of your wedding such as your aisle runner. For instance, if the wedding gown has a beautiful filigree design, a skilled cake designer can use this element as an inspiration for crafting a customized wedding cake with a pattern inspired by your gown. Besides the wedding gown, you can also use other elements stemming from your wedding invitations to programs imprinted with a symbolic emblem or motif.

Unique Choices in Flavors and Fillings

Expert bakers can now offer exotic flavors and fillings ranging from tiramisu to mango cream fillings. When determining a flavor and filling choice, some brides select a wedding cake with different flavors at each tier of their cake. For instance, a three-tier cake may have a chocolate ganache base, while the second tier has a almond vanilla raspberry flavor, and the top tier is made of white chocolate with orange brandy.

Alternatives to Traditional Cakes

As trendsevolve, some less popular, but equally unique choices have gained attention over the years. Donuts stacked carefully and surrounded by pretty ribbons and colorful flowers make a hip alternative for the couple that enjoy these sweet delights. Cupcakes made with creamy frosting and decorated with edible flowers make an elegant arrangement when placed on a beautiful porcelain or silver cake stand - many of these stands can be found in tiers of three or four. For the sophisticated couple, a Croquemboche (i.e., a tower of profiteroles ),or the equivalent of a French wedding cake is an exciting option for its distinctive design and shape.

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