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Making a Memorable Wedding Proposal and Speech

It starts with a romantic and sincere wedding proposal and ends with a beautifully planned wedding. Finding the most unique wedding proposal ideas and best man’s speeches often requires careful introspection and planning.

Unique Ways to Pop the Question and Tie the Knot

While the tradition of getting down on one knee is known worldwide as the de facto way of making a proposal, some men have chosen to forego that tradition with more hip and modern approaches. For example, some guys create nesting boxes with four layers of boxes; in each box, there is a separate message in a sequential order of “will you marry me.” If this sounds too complicated, another clever idea is to get a box of candy conversation hears – typically available during Valentine’s – and replace each pair of candy hearts with the phrase “marry me?” To replace each heart with words, rub off the original words on each heart and then use a small felt tip to create your own personal message - just be sure these candies aren't actually eaten! Lastly, find fortune cookies that are made without fortunes inserted. Get strips of paper printed with your own words and place them inside these cookies using a handy tool such as a tweezer.

Classical English Love Poetry for Crafting your Vows

Love poems or quotes can also be incorporate when personalizing your vows with a romantic saying. To help you get started, look to works such as: Love Sonnets by William Shakespeare, Marriage Morning by Lord Alfred Tennyson, Love and Friendship by Emily Bronte, To My Wife by Oscar Wilde, and To a Husband by Anne Finch

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