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Shop for Unique Table Decorations for the Wedding Reception

While it may readily appear that wedding favors are an extra expense, finding unique favors that can also function as wedding table decorations can actually serve as a money-saving option. Favors that can be integrated into various elements of your wedding are best when they have a decorative function. This function can be anywhere from enhancing your table centerpieces to covering receiving tables at the wedding reception. Favors that serve this purpose well often consist of candles, place frames, and place card holders (see photos below). Occasionally, you may also find favor packaging that can be used to enhance your table decorations. To view more sensational pictures, click to view more slideshows.

Silver Candy Favor Basket Shell Frame Organza Wrapped Candles

La Dolce Vita Petite
Silver Favor Basket

Cescaleña Seashell Place Frame

Zabenya Rose Candle with 17" Zaarni Organza Circle

Pink Placecard Holders Candle Mirrors Jeweled Candle Votives

Soséya Rhinestone
Placecard Holder

Erzella Candle Ring
& Coaster

Niña Kirei Rhinestone
Candle Votive

Shell Card Holder Seashell Frame Organza Wrapped Seashell Dishes
Anaïsa Seashell Place Card Holder
Cescaleña Sea Shell Place Frame & Seashell Tray
Vamélour Seashell Favor Tray with 12" Zaarni Organza Wrap Circle
Silver Frames Miniature Flower Pot Favors Ivory Place Frames

Bianna Ivory Place Card Frame

Florentina Flower Pot
Place Card Holder

Frelerina Ivory
Place Frame

Gold Favor Place Frames Silver Favor Box in Organza Wraps Seashell Table Decorations

Marcoro Gold
Place Frame

Amoré Silver Heart Boxes and 12" Organza Wraps

Anaïsa Seashell Place Card Holder and Seashell Tray

Using Place Frames as Functional and Decorative Wedding Mementos

Place frames are popular known as favors that both serve a function and make wonderful wedding mementos. Available in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and finishes, a helpful tip for selecting place frames is to coordinate them with the design of your overall wedding. For example, if you have chosen an ivory color scheme for your reception. Finding ivory or off-white place frames to decorate your reception tables are ideal because you can offset the richness of ivory by finding frames with silver or gold trimmings.

Decorative Place Card Holders Make Lovely Keepsakes

With every wedding favor, many brides and grooms avoid the disappointment of favors being left at the reception table by giving something truly special. However, this can often equate to giving an added cost for the wedding. A simple method to approach this task is to find favors that can be used as decorative objects during the wedding, while functioning as an elegant keepsake to take home. Some examples of place card holders that make unique favors include flower pots, mini wedding dress mannequins, or seashell-made card holders (see photos above). Since their main duty is to direct guests to their assigned seats, the benefit of place card holders is that every piece contains the name of each individual wedding guest, thereby guaranteeing that each guest will take their favor home with them.

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