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How to Make Memorable Wedding Toss and Release

A wedding toss adds a memorable touch to every ceremony. Rice and birdseed have typically been traditional choices for a wedding toss. Fresh and innovative ideas, though, have appeared over the years for sending off the bride and groom. These items include: fresh rose petals, lavender buds, freeze-dried petals, rice confetti (biodegradable), and soap bubbles. Wedding sparklers have also gained popularity especially for weddings near the 4th of July and other similar holiday celebrations, that also include St. Patrick's Day Weddings.

Use Attractive Packaging for Wedding Tosses

When simple paper cones are not enough, use colorful and elegant containers such as embroidered silk pouches, pomander shaped rose bags, or organza favor bags (see pictures below). Fill these miniature bags with your favorite scented fillings such as rose petals, lavender, or hydrangeas, and present them to guests as they arrive for the ceremony. Create a beautiful placard that says “Take One, Please,” so guests will be sure to send you off in the most flattering manner. Alternatively, you may also place them on each guest's seat, so that they can be reminded to use them after the ceremony.

Handpainted Silk Sachets Pomander Rose Favor Bag Rose Sachet Bags

Wedding Toss for an Indoor or Outdoor Ceremony

Whether having an indoor ceremony in a chapel or church or an outdoor beach wedding, select wedding toss that is appropriate for the venue. Also, be sure to inquire with the ceremony venue, if they allow wedding tosses, since some vendors do not allow or discourage them from being used. There are also some venues that may charge a clean-up fee, so it is important to inquire first before making that wedding toss.

Elegant Ways to Make a Memorable Wedding Release

Although releasing white doves have been traditional choices for making a wedding release, releasing butterflies have also been a top favorite. Beyond doves and butterflies, unconventional brides have also chosen to use more exciting ideas such as bubbles, streamers, or even balloons. Wedding releases can either be conventional or hip and modern as long as they hold a symbolic and special meaning for the bride and groom.

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