DIY Mexican-inspired Home Decorations for a Fun Fiesta Feel!


Imagine feeling like you’ve stepped into fiesta season right in your home! Mexican-inspired decor is so bright and vibrant, even just a few accent pieces in choice spots will perk up your house interiors instantly. Whether it’s ceramics, tiles, tin art, serapes, blankets, baskets, pompoms, or embroidery, the decor options are such fun.

The great thing is that Mexican-style crafts are so popular that there are craft supplies, online tutorials, and DIY upcycles and makeovers that allow you to make any of these yourself. Get ready for some color-crazy craft projects to choose from! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Mexican-style Ceramics and Tiles


We love this category of home decor crafts that are typical of Mexico. Not only are they super colorful and pretty—but serve practical purposes, too.

Mexican-style Ceramics and Tiles

Talavera tiles are a signature decor element in Mexican homes. So, try your hand at making some of your own—following this DIY how-to using Crayola Model Magic® compound and gel markers (1 – from or using these tile stencils for painting on furniture and walls (4 – via Amazon).

Just as iconic is Mexico’s multi-colored hand-painted pottery. How cool to create some bright pieces for your home—thanks to these DIY tutorials: painting ceramic mugs using colored markers (2 – from Jader Bomber, via I Love to Create), a more traditional painting-on-pottery process to decorate a mug and saucer (3 – from Crafty Chica), and another pottery craft shop project for a Mexican pottery-inspired pitcher (5 – from Casa Watkins Living).

Mexican-inspired DIY Fabric Projects

Multi-colored striped weaves and fabrics appear everywhere in Mexico—in blankets, ponchos, table linens, rugs, mats, wall hangings. Choose a piece or two from these to craft for your home!

Mexican-inspired DIY Fabric Projects

For your dining area, a DIY table runner (1 – via Zazzle) or a made-from-scratch serape (2 – from Love and Lion) that would make a bright wall hanging.

Or for your living room, check out these DIY Mexican serape pillows (3 – from Pear Mama), floor pillows sewn from a Mexican blanket (4 – from Dream a Little Bigger), or a fun serape-covered stool (5 – from Spoonful of Pretty).


Hoja Lata: Mexican Tin Art Crafts

These super-festive accent pieces are inspired by a traditional Mexican folk art using hojalata (tinplate). Also called milagros (miracles) as they were once given to express a prayer or wish for the recipient, these quaint ornaments are cut into whimsical shapes, then decorated with embossed and brightly painted designs.

Hoja Lata: Mexican Tin Art Crafts

You can make window or mantel garlands out of these, a hanging mobile for a corner of a room, a grouping for wall art, or even mounted on sticks in potted house plants.

Using tin recycled from a soda can, try these Mexican tin heart milagros (1 – from My Poppet) or more traditional-style tin hearts (3 – from Mark Montano) using hardware materials and tools, plus Mexican lotteria cards for the center designs.

If you’d like to get the kids into the crafting, try these Mexican tin art “self-portraits” (2 – from San Jose Public Library) where you can each personalize your hojalata pieces—using tooling foil (via Amazon), embossing tools, and Sharpies. Or these tin art ornaments (4 – from The Mint Museum) which use child-like designs perfect for a kid’s room. Or even this striking tin art mirror (5 – from Sargent Art) which is actually a school project.

Mexican Accent Pieces with Pom Poms, Tassels, Flowers, Embroidery

The playful fiesta vibe of Mexican arts and crafts can liven up your home with even some simple, easy-to-make add-ons. Look at these doable projects we found!

Mexican Accent Pieces with Pom Poms, Tassels, Flowers, Embroidery

For wall space, how fun is this Mexican pom poms and tassels garland (1 – from HGTV)? And for your doors, what about a totally Frieda Kahlo-esque welcome with this fabulous paper and fabric flower wreath (2 – from Modern Tejana)?

Using a DIY kit, you can craft this charming yarn-wrapped rope basket (3 – from Darn Good Yarn) to use as a planter, a magazine holder, or an odds-and-ends tote.

And if you’re handy with needle and thread, you’ll enjoy dressing up a throw pillow cover with this Summer Mexican Flowers embroidery pattern (4 – from or stitching these delightful DIY tassel place mats (5 – from Casa Watkins Living).

Once you’ve got your home decked out in Mexican-inspired accents, you know what you must do. Host a fiesta-style party!

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