• See & Do: A DIY Tropical Candlescape Using Raffia!

    With summer temperatures and balmy breezes come tropical-themed parties. And we have just the thing to add that wow factor to your table setting: a stunning candlescape! [Read More]

    See & Do: A DIY Tropical Candlescape Using Raffia!
  • Soda Pop Art: Recycling Bottles into Party Decorations!

    With everyone now on the environmental bandwagon, party decorating is not exempt. In fact, party planning offers wonderful opportunities to reuse discarded items,…[Read More]

    Soda Pop Art! - Recycling Bottles into Party Decorations
  • A Circus Themed Birthday Cake: DIY!

    Okay, maybe not DIY as in ‘bake from scratch.’ But here’s a clever and super-easy way to decorate a circus-themed birthday cake with no decorating skills required! [Read More]

    Circus Themed DIY Cake
  • Sweet 16 Parisian Themed Guest Book Table!

    Every Sweet 16 fashionista knows that Paris is synonymous with haute couture and the world’s most chichi designer labels. So with a Parisian theme for this milestone celebration…[Read More]

    Sweet16 Parisian Theme | the Party Suite at Bellenza
  • A Mexican Birthday Fiesta with an Elegant Flair!

    Someone special having a summertime birthday? What better excuse to have an outdoor party inspired by a festive Mexican fiesta! So many striking decorations to…[Read More]

    Host a Mexican Birthday Fiesta with an Elegant Flair!
July 4th Party Decorations and Printables

July 4th Party Ideas Fest: Decorations and Printables!

Just 10 days to go, and it will be the 4th of July! Can you feel the excitement building up? We can! So we’re thrilled to showcase 12 fabulous decorating and printables ideas for this most beloved holiday. Best of all, many of these are from pinners ...

Don't panic yet! These last-minute goodie bag ideas for kids ages 3 and up are fun and practical | as featured on the Party Suite at Bellenza.

Goodie Bags for Kids: Last-Minute Ideas for Kids 3 and Up!

When it comes to last-minute goodie bags for kids, think practical and unisex! These 6 favor ideas we bring you today should make your birthday party planning a little less stressful. Sit back and relax because these finds are great for both boys and...