A Winter Wonderland Baby Shower that You Can DIY

Cuddle up to these sweet and whimsical ideas for planning a “Winter Wonderland” baby shower! The decorations are in a palette of soft turquoise and snowy white—all DIY-able and all delightful for either a boy or a girl. While the treats to be served are snow-inspired goodies, with recipes provided so you can make them as well. Captivating baby shower inspiration indeed!

Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Party Decorations You Can DIY

Winter wonderland baby shower DIY ideas for decorations
1 – Purple Trail / 2 – Wednesday Custom Design / 3 – My Sweet and Saucy / 4 – Dream Party Paperie on etsy / 5 – Megan Dailor Photography, via The Sweetest Occasion

The decorative touches for this Winter Wonderland theme can be really quite simple. Start with a darling invitation (1) that sets both the shower’s turquoise-and-white color scheme and the snowy motif. Then, once guests arrive, amaze them with ceiling decor of “falling snow” (2) made with dozens of soft, fluffy marshmallows! And have a festive snowflake banner (4) to announce “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!”

Warm up the wintertime occasion with the most charming table setting (5) decorated with dainty white doilies and turquoise napkin ties, plus an inviting hot cocoa bar (3) dressed up for the holidays with sparkly ornaments!

Snow-inspired Sweets and Treats

Winter wonderland baby shower desserts from coconut cream cake to donuts to white chocolate peanut butter snowflakes
Recipe links: 6 – Yellow Bliss Road / 7 – Food Family & Finds / 8 – Life Made Simple / 9 – Gluesticks / 10 – The Cake Blog

Serve a scrumptious array of treats all playing up the magic of the wintry season. Take your pick from these goodies, then add your own!

Sweet indeed are these snowball marshmallows on sticks (6), dipped in white chocolate and covered in white sugar crystal sprinkles.

This coconut cream layer cake (7) is described as “two layers of white cake sandwiched around coconut cream pudding, then smothered in frosty white buttercream, dripping ice blue poured fondant, and powdery soft, sweet coconut flakes.” Yum!

These adorable “donettes” (8) are mini-size donuts made with yogurt, lemon zest, cinnamon, and nutmeg, then coated with powdered sugar. While these white chocolate peanut butter snowflakes (9) are actually ‘holiday snowflake’ Ritz crackers filled with peanut butter, half-dipped in white melting chocolate, then topped with blue crystal sprinkles.

Finally, these Italian cream “snowball” cupcakes (10) feature a fluffy white base cake filled with chopped walnuts and flaked coconut, then topped with a mound of cream cheese icing and more coconut flakes for a snowy effect!

So, shall it be a Winter Wonderland baby shower for your expected little one?

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