How to Plan a Gender Reveal Baby-Q BBQ Baby Shower!

Gender reveal bbq party ideas

For a fun-filled summer baby shower, plan a Baby Q BBQ gender reveal party that also makes for a wonderful couples’ shower theme. Decorate your backyard with a rustic look, add balloons, and assemble a host of baby shower games that ensure a festive outdoor celebration. These 9 simple ideas should get you started in the right direction! This post contains affiliate links*.

Baby-Q BBQ Gender Reveal Party Ideas

How to Plan a Baby-Q BBQ Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party // Curated by Bellenza.

Send your baby Q invitations (1) out as early as spring, if you will be hosting this event in June. Since this event will be a backyard affair, resort to using easy-to-find materials for décor. The table centerpieces can be simple mason jars filled with sunflowers (2) or carnations, while the venue can be decorated with whimsical white balloons. Hang a baby Q party banner (3) by the gender reveal game table.

Assemble a BBQ hotdog and burger buffet table (4) complete with garnishes, side dishes like coleslaw, macaroni salad, and sweet potato fries. Offer a selection summer salads and bowls of fruits. Offer up crunchy chips and dips. Make the party drinks fun as well by serving them in blue and pink colors. A gender reveal dessert table is another fun option to carry the theme. Include a gender reveal cake (5) that you can make at home. Match it up with a cute display of gender reveal cotton candy cupcakes (6)!

Keep guests entertained at the party with a gender reveal game table (8) where guests bet on the gender of the baby. Prepare a table with vases so guests can drop their bets. Once this is complete, tally the bets and decide who gets to take home the prize money by guessing the correct gender of the baby! Lastly, offer guests personalized BBQ baby shower bottles (9) of sauce as a favor to take home.

For more information on the BBQ ideas presented above, please visit these sites:

1 – Baby-Q Invitations by Wow Wow Meow via Zazzle (*affiliate link)

2 – Table Decorations via A Lo and Behold Life

3 – Baby-Q Party Banner via Amazon (*affiliate link)

4 – Memphis Style Hot Dogs from Kraft Recipes

5 – Gender Reveal Cake Recipe from Taste of Home

6 – Gender Reveal Cotton Candy Cupcakes from

7 – Gender Reveal Pink and Blue Drinks from

8 – Gender Reveal Table Game from Dahlias to Doxies

9 – Personalized BBQ Bottle Favors available from Beau-coup (*affiliate link)

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