Neon Glow-in-the-Dark Sweet 16 Party Theme Ideas!

Are you looking for a really cool theme for a Sweet 16 party? What about one that takes a neon color palette up several notches with a glow-in-the-dark spin! The teen guests will love it—plus you’ll have a blast with all the creative ways you can decorate with those hot hues. Come take a look at the truly eye-catching ideas we found for this theme, including links to some pretty neat neon party supplies.

Ready. Set. Glow! Neon Party Theme Ideas!

Neon Glow in the Dark Sweet 16 Party Ideas | as featured on the Party Suite at Bellenza

Venue Decor with Glow-in-the Dark Decorations

Think multi-colored ‘graffiti’ on a solid black background (1) and there you have the perfect inspiration for a neon party backdrop. Hand-written/painted messages, doodles, and graphics work perfectly for a teen occasion—while glow-in-the-dark chalk (DIY recipe here) or glow-in-the-dark gel (*affiliate link) from Michaels, can allow guests to add their own fun greetings!

An entire neon party printables package (2) is an easy and affordable way to get a high-impact effect in key areas, like the welcome table, a candy buffet, or your favors display.

Centerpieces made with LED orbs (4) would be really striking! You could recreate a similar look with glow-in-the-dark balloons fitted with special LED lights designed for this purpose.

Neon Paper Products and Party Ware

Thanks to special inks, your party girl’s invitations (5) can be perfectly in theme—and can have coordinated place cards, menu cards, and favor tags, too. Even party ware, props, and accessories (6) now come in ‘glowing’ versions, so they become decorations in themselves!

Sweet Treats with a Sugary Glow

A ‘paint splatter’ cake (3) would fit right in with the entire neon party look. Plus we learned that there is even a way to make your own glow-in-the-dark buttercream icing. And to really wow the young guests, imagine handing out cotton candy party favors on multi-colored glow cones (7)!

Don’t these amazing neon party ideas make you wish you were turning 16 again, too?

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Image credits:

1 – chalkboard ‘graffiti’ walls via Revelry Event Designers
2 – neon party printables package by Lillian Hope Designs on etsy
3 – cake by Cakes by Raychel, via My Creative Way
4 – LED orbs centerpiece by Flashing Blinky Lights
5 – invitation from Minted
6 – glow in the dark party ware from Night Club Shop
7 – LED cotton candy cone from Glow Source


  1. jaycie cook  /  08/14/2017, 3:39 am Reply

    hey , i’m turning 16 in march and i’m planning ahead bc my birthday is in spring break . are y’all opened that weekend ? or the next ? i don’t know how many people are coming but i know it’s a lot , lol . i need to know what time y’all opened and when y’all are and what time y’all close . please contact me whenever you can , thank you !

  2. Shaunae Freeman  /  03/07/2017, 5:43 pm Reply

    I really like all these party ideas, and with my party being on September the 10th I would like to get in contact with you guys so I can very well use these party favors. If there is someone you all can contact me at my email before The last wee of July it would be great! Thank you all for your time.

  3. Kaitlin Moses  /  05/03/2016, 1:45 pm Reply

    I love this. I might use it for my sweet 16 in the summer.

    • Melanie  /  05/04/2016, 4:47 pm Reply

      What a sweet comment! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Melanie  /  06/22/2016, 12:01 am Reply

      Definitely a lovely idea! Thanks!

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