Take a Sneak Peek! A Glam Popstar Sweet 16 Theme!

Take a Sneak Peek! A Glam Popstar Sweet 16 Theme!

The red carpet. Flashbulbs popping. Glitz and glamour. Every teenager’s popstar-for-a-night dream! And you can make this magical world come to life with celebrity-style Sweet 16 party decorations, table settings, and guest favors.

But wait, hold that pose! The full series will begin “screening” soon. So do drop by to see all the lights, camera, action! The birthday girl will be in Hollywood heaven with the styling treats we’ve got in store.


Highlights To See:

  1. Fancy centerpieces made with feathers
  2. Menu card in a CD case – diy
  3. Red carpet entrance with stanchions
  4. Marquee-style lighted signage
  5. Ghost chairs with personalized names
  6. VIP passes for guests
  7. “Bling” pens as favors
  8. Glittery table elements
  9. Sparkly candle accents – diy

1 Comment

  1. Jackie Nellson  /  01/05/2014, 8:24 pm Reply

    I am excited to see this!

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