Unique Ice Cream-themed Party Favors from DIY to Readymade

Ice cream social party favors.

Talk about creative, cool and so cute! Our roundup of 14 irresistible ice cream-themed party favors promises truly delightful options for pool parties, garden picnics,  and any summer gathering—whether you plan to DIY or buy readymade. What’s more, these ideas would suit almost any age group of party guests from toddlers to kids to tweens to teens and young ladies. Many are edible (without containing actual ice cream for obvious reasons!), others are handy and useful in adorable ways. Come sample the sweetness of these ice cream party favors! (*this post contains affiliate links)

DIY Ice Cream Favor Ideas

These first 8 favor options are so clever. They show how to create ice cream cone look-alikes combining yummy treats and cute packaging. Or assemble ice cream-inspired gifts guests can use.

DIY ice cream favor ideas to make at home

1 – These DIY Piñata Cones (from Evite Ideas) are edible to the last bite, as they are assembled from waffle cones, meringue cookies, candy sprinkles, and candies tucked inside for a sweet surprise!

2 – Even easier to make are these Taffy Cone Favors (from Art Social). Simply take wafer cones, line these with tissue or wax paper, pile in taffy candy in pastel colors, tie on twine or ribbon, slip into clear cello bags, and toss in some fun confetti.

3 – It’s another sweet treat that fills these Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cone Party Favors (from Pink Cake Plate). Waffle cones are dipped in candy melts and rimmed with candy sprinkles, then balls of cotton candy serve as “scoops” of ice cream.

4 – Non-edible but so delish-looking are these DIY EOS Lip Balm Party Favors (from Love Pink Sugar Shoppe). The tutorial shows how to use a printable, cutter, and card punch to fit a pastel-colored lip balm ball into a favor card—just add an ice cream design.

5 – These Gumball Ice Cream Cones (from Happy Life) look so good and glittery—and are so easy to make. Three colors of pearlized gumballs are balanced in foil cones made from cupcake liners, and secured inside slim cello bags tied with ribbon.

6 – Your party may not be during holiday season, but you can use clear Christmas balls filled with candy to make Ice Cream Cone Ornaments like these (from Jillian Harris). The cones are DIY, too, formed from glitter paper and criss-crossing raffia fiber.

7 – Give something practical, like this DIY Ice Cream Scoop Favor (from Cotton and Brass). Just attach a hand-stamped kraft bag that can hold a gift card to a nearby ice cream parlor, a recipe for an ice cream dessert, or ice cream-themed novelties like mini notebooks, erasers, stickers, and hair accessories.

8 – For a real sweetness overload, check out these Candyland-themed ice cream favors (from Wants and Wishes Design). Waffle cone cups hold ice cream-flavored jelly beans and mini marshmallow ice cream cones, with adorable thank-you tags tucked in.

Ready-made Ice Cream Favor Ideas

Prefer to buy ready-to-give favors? Then, you’re in luck. Our 6 picks below are so cutely ice cream-themed. Just add fun packaging!

Ready to buy ice cream party favors.

1 – “Pickles and Ice Cream” Heart Scoop – via My Wedding Favors

2 – Colored packs of ice cream topper candy sprinkles, trimmed with customizable square labels – from Evermine

3 – Ice Cream Cone Chocolate Cake Pops – via Beau-coup

4 – Ice Cream Cone & Frozen Treat Erasers (pack of 48) – via Amazon

5 – Ice Cream Towel Favors – via Beau-coup

6 – Neapolitan Flavored Ice Cream Lollipops (12 count) – via Amazon

“How sweet it is!” indeed with these unique Ice Cream Party Favors! So, will you DIY or buy?

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