Creative Fall Favor Ideas to Make for Autumn Weddings

Autumn favors for weddings

If there’s one season that’s just brimming with elements perfect for making into wedding favors, it has got to be fall! Everywhere you look there are ingredients and materials for concocting, baking, crafting, and packaging your own fall wedding favors. And all of them convey that natural bounty and heartwarming sentiment that autumn is all about. So we’re thrilled to share this fabulous roundup of autumn favor ideas you can make for your autumn wedding!

Apple Favors for Fall

Apple favors to make for fall wedding favors

Apples are beloved symbols of autumn. So homebaked apple wedding favors are always a hit, whether flavored with caramel or maple syrup, made into cookies, mini pies, cupcakes, or candy apples.

Apple Cider-inspired Favors


Whether you opt for homemade or ready to buy, favors infused with or incorporating apple cider are another autumn treat to consider. The choices are so creative, from apple cider mix in bottles, to lollipops, donuts, jam, organic vinegar, and jello shots.

Bottled Honey Favors

Honey in a bottle favors

Take commercially-available bottled honey—”bear in a bottle” is one cute choice—and turn it into an elegantly packaged fall wedding favor. Just bundle each one up in a colored fabric wrap and it’s ready to give!

Mason Jars with Edible Autumn Fillings

There’s just something so heartwarming about goodies presented in mason jars. So pop in your favorite fall fillings, from nuts to popcorn, and you’ve got wedding favors your guests will love.

Maple Syrup Wedding Favors

Maple syrup in a bottle favors

Take advantage of the ready-to-give packaging of bottled maple syrup—ranging from leaf shapes to miniature jugs. Then turn them into giftable favors by simply adding personalized tags tied on with raffia twine or ribbon.

Maple-flavored Favors

Maple flavored favors

If we had suggested bottled maple syrup above, here we’re pitching maple syrup-infused goodies that capture the nostalgic air of fall for your favors. Think maple-flavored biscotti, pecans, cookies, and candied apples.

Caramel Apples as Favors

Caramel apple wedding favors

Bring back childhood memories with a caramel apple bar at your reception (the recipe options are amazing!). Then, have prettily wrapped candy apples ready for guests to each take one as a wedding favor.

Caramel Flavored Goodies

Caramel flavored wedding favors

The sticky-sweet goodness of caramel is another well-loved autumn flavor. So why not make some old-fashioned caramel chews, caramel jam, or fancy caramel-dipped pears to give as favors?

Nutty Wedding Favors


With creative packaging ideas, even the simplest of snacks can be made special. Check out these nutty (and super easy) ideas for fall wedding favors!

Fall Nut Mixes from Sweet to Savory


One of the yummiest ways to create fancy fall-time treats is to combine basic nuts with spices, herbs, flavorings and other munchies to make nut mix autumn wedding favors.

Popcorn Packaged as Favors

Popcorn favors

Another popular snack, popcorn, can get fancied up for wedding favors, too! Take your pick from these delish popcorn recipes, and package them for giving out to guests.

S’mores Kit Favors

S'mores wedding favor kit ideas

Love the idea of S’mores wedding favors but wondering how to present them in a handier take-home form? Prepare S’mores kit favors in jars, bottles, buckets, or cello bags—with tags giving instructions for assembly and toasting.

Fresh-baked Bread as Favors

Baked bread wedding favors

How charming are these ideas for bread wedding favors? Just bake your favorite bread (pumpkin loaves are perfect for fall), rolls, or bread sticks—or order them from your caterer or nearby bakery. Then, add simple home-style packaging.

Delightful Packs of Pretzels

Pretzel favors

With snack stations being so popular for today’s weddings, a pretzel bar is a delightfully doable choice. Since the fillings themselves are ready-made, choose your packaging style from rustic to fun!

Trail Mix Favors

Trail mix favor packaging ides

Packs of trail mix are another appealing choice for autumn wedding favors. Select interesting recipes that you can offer in a trail mix bar at the reception. Then, plan the packaging, using jars, kraft bags, sinamay pouches, cello packs and personalized favor tags.

Homemade Pumpkin Favors

Pumpkin favor

How can our fall favor roundup not include edible treats made with pumpkin? The possibilities are so tempting: pumpkin bread, pops, fudge, donuts, cookies, krispie treats, muffins, and trail mix!

Fall Favors in Autumn Flavors


Even more autumn-flavored favor ideas to choose from! This time, a selection of homemade treats sweetened with cinnamon sugar or perked up with pumpkin spice. Delicious gifts of the season!

Pumpkin Spice Goodies

Pumpkin spice favors

Speaking of pumpkin spice, see this range of recipes that would make seasonally flavorful wedding favors. Take your pick from cookies, pops, bars, Chex mix, and even cake parfaits and latte mix!

Edible Fall Favors with an Artisan Flair

Edible favors for weddings

Fancy for fall. Artisanal for autumn. That’s what this array of extra-special edible favor ideas is all about. Whether you make them yourself (recipe links provided) or order them from specialty stores, they will definitely wow your wedding guests.

Pie Pops as Favors


For fall weddings with a rustic, country, or woodland theme, there are creative ways of displaying and packaging pie pop favors to make them extra-special. And if you bake them with autumn ingredients, so much the better!

Wine-inspired Favors

Mini wine bottle favor packaging

Wine is enjoyed year-round, of course. But it seems a welcome idea to give wine-inspired favors in autumn—whether edible ones like chocolates and lollipops, wine cork crafts, or actual bottles of wine with custom labels.

Mini Wine Bottles in Creative Packaging


Packaging makes all the difference in transforming ready-made items into striking wedding favors. Mini-sized bottles of wine, for instance, can be presented in burlap sacks, window kraft bags or boxes, elegant furoshiki wraps, or personalized bottle labels.

That’s quite a showcase of fall wedding favor ideas (if we do say so ourselves)! Make a choice quick—it will be autumn soon!

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