How to Make Potpourri Favors: Fillings to Packaging Ideas

How to Make Potpourri Favors

Offer guests something fragrant this spring with potpourri favors packaged in beautiful pouches and bags. Give these scented keepsakes a personalized tag for a true expression of gratitude and friendship. Take these potpourri filling and packaging ideas that we’ve handpicked to help you make a lovely scented sachet. *this post contains affiliate links

The Fillings to Use for Making Potpourri Favors

Buying in bulk is best when preparing your own scented sachets. From the scent of dried roses to lavender, use these ideas as a guide for finding the right fragrance for your favors. Do note that these links will lead you to Amazon (*affiliate links).

1 - Natural, Homemade Dried Red Roses for Potpourri


Natural, Homemade Dried Red Roses for Potpourri

2 - Organic Lavender Flowers

Organic Lavender Flowers

3 - Organic Hibiscus Flowers in a Resealable Bag

Organic Hibiscus Flowers in a Resealable Bag

4 - Linen and Aloe Potpourri in Bag

Linen and Aloe Potpourri in Bag

5 - Apple Crumb Rosehips in Large Bag

Apple Crumb Rosehips in Large Bag


The Packaging from Embroidered Pouches to Bags

Use a pretty bag to match the motif of your event. Or, you can simply use a simple white organza bag with a personalized favor tag. Whatever you decide to use, be sure to make it elegant! Here are our own favor bags as options:

1 - Lumeseta Silk Favor Pouch

Potpourri Favor Pouch

2 - Saphia Embroidered Favor Pouch in Ivory

Favor Pouch for Potpourri

3 - Sofearella Vintage Favor Pouch

White sachet that can be filled with scented fillings.

4 - Lusetalleante Floral Favor Bags

Blue silk favor bags with florals

5 - Fiore Bella Rose Embroidered Favor Bags

Embroidered organza gift bags for potpourri gifts

6 - Charisse Woven Heart Box

Woven boxes for potpourri

From baby to bridal showers, giving a scented potpourri definitely has its appeal as a wonderful favor. You can present them in a variety of ways from placing them in a beautifully decorated hand basket with ribbons to arranging them on your guest’s place settings. Personalize them according to your theme and colors to create something truly special! These scented favors also make great housewarming gifts or ladies’ luncheon favors.

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