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Welcome to Bellenza! To guide you in discovering our exciting product offerings of unique wedding favors, accessories, and bridal party gifts, please select from any of the category names appearing on the righthand margin. At any time, you may return to this website's homepage by clicking on either the "Return Home" link or the "Bellenza" logo. At Bellenza, it is our goal to make your visit an enjoyable experience. Please feel free to click on any of the links below to browse through our site:

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Bridal Accessories

- Bella Fleur Flower Ring Pillow
- Elisadora Ivory Ring Pillow
- Estréllene Ivory Wristlet Purse
- Lúlucella Silk Bridal Shawl
- Majórella Pearl Rosary
- Marina Sivenni Seashell Ring Pillow
- Zitalustré Sterling Silver Rosary

Place Card Frames & Picture Frames

- Bianna Ivory Place Card Frame
- Birgitta Crystal Picture Frame
- Cesca Lena Seashell Encrusted Place Frame
- Frelerina Ivory Place Frame
- Irezzia Abalone Picture Frame
- Marcoro Gold Place Frame
- Pella Zucar Ivory Wedding Frame

Favor Packaging, Bags, & Wraps

- Bella Tulle Bomboniere
- Charisse Heart Favor Box
- Chloëbelle Straw Favor Basket
- Fiore Bella Embroidered Rose Sachet Bag
- Kaibeya Purse Favor Bag
- La Dolce Vita Petite Silver Favor Basket
- Laudene Embroidered Lavender Sachet
- Lélancia Oval Wedding Favor Box
- Luméseta Wedding Favor Pouch
- Lusetalleanté Floral Favor Bag
- Issabela Wedding Favor Bag
- Saphia Silk Favor Pouch
- Sofearélla Rose Sachet Favor Bag
- Soëbelle Wedding Favor Basket
- Solilei Porcelain Slipper
- Vamélour Seashell Favor Tray
- Zaarni Organza Wrap Circle

Unique Place Card Holders

- Anaïsa Seashell Place Card Holder
- Florentina Place Card Holder
- Soséya Place Cardholder
- Petite Jeune Bridal Gown Favor

Porcelain Keepsake Boxes & Silver Keepsakes

- Amoré Silver Heart Box
- Azuevo Porcelain Keepsake
- Celestienne Treasure Keepsake
- Cherelie Flower Box
- Cariña Silver Paperweight
- Emélie Porcelain Footed Favor Box
- Fiovalé Keepsake Egg
- Marikei Porcelain Favor Box

Candle Decorations

- Erzella Pearl Candle Ring & Coaster
- Niña Kirei Rhinestone Candle Votive
- Shell Tea Light Holder
- Zabenya Rose Embossed Candle

Favor Tags

- Soignée Gift Tag
- Soignée Gift Tag in Passion Pink
- Soignée Gift Tag in Royal Periwinkle
- Soignée Gift Tag in Flamenco Gold
- Soignée Gift Tag in Majestic Platinum

- Gianélene Gift Tag
- Gianélene Gift Tag in Passion Pink
- Gianélene Gift Tag in Royal Periwinkle
- Gianélene Gift Tag in Flamenco Gold
- Gianélene Gift Tag in Majestic Platinum

- Joiebelle Gift Tag
- Joiebelle Gift Tag in Passion Pink
- Joiebelle Gift Tag in Royal Periwinkle
- Joiebelle Gift Tag in Flamenco Gold
- Joiebelle Gift Tag in Majestic Platinum

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