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How to Select a Perfect Bridal Gown For a Summer Wedding

Tips on finding the perfect bridal gown

Choosing your bridal gown is possibly the most major wedding decision you’ll have to make—next to saying "Yes" to your fiance! But seriously, gown selection is quite a critical issue considering that the bride is the center of attention from the ceremony to the reception. There are the factors of body type, personality, the overall wedding motif, even the venue as well as the season.

So, with all of those to think of, what particulars should you keep in mind in choosing a dress for a summer-time wedding? Here are a few key points:

What is summer like at your wedding location? Summer isn’t the same in all places. Temperature and humidity levels may vary quite widely—both of which would be issues for an outdoor wedding. So choose your bridal gown accordingly. You may want to go with a flattering shoulder-baring number to keep cool, and avoid fabrics that may make you feel warmer (like satins, brocades, and the like) or styles that have several layers or that use heavy crinolines underneath the skirt.

Will yours be a garden venue? If you’ll be exchanging your vows in a lush, flower-filled garden, you may not want to compete with the surroundings with an overly flouncy, frilly gown. You can still have feminine touches, of course, such as some lace appliques, a floral accent or two, and perhaps some graceful fabric draping. But keeping it simple will, in fact, make you stand out in that natural setting.

Would you like some touches of color? Summer is the perfect season to bring in a hint of vibrant color to complement your basic gown. You could do this with a sash, a colored lace crinoline peeking out from your hem, or ribbon lacing up the back of your bodice. Beyond the dress itself, you can definitely add color with a stunning bouquet, a feather headpiece, or even a sassy pair of shoes!

Is the Bohemian look "you"? With the balmy summer weather comes a relaxed vibe that you can readily translate into a Bohemian-themed wedding. In keeping with this, you could opt for a loose, flowing dress made from a gauzy fabric, paired with a flower garland for a headpiece, and simple flat sandals with a gemstone or two. An ideal ensemble for a casual wedding on the beach or an intimate gathering in some woodland locale.

What surface will you be walking on? This may seem like an odd question, but it’s actually very practical. Summer weddings—or at least their receptions—are often held outdoors. So do check whether the surface will be sand, grass, bare earth, cobblestones, or what have you. Then, you can select a gown that’s just short of touching the ground. That way you not only avoid soiling or snagging your dress hem, but you also lessen the risk of tripping on your gown as you maneuver your way on this surface.

Why not try a short summer frock? Now, here’s a chic option! You need not be shy about abandoning the traditional wedding gown for something more contemporary—and definitely summery. Particularly if you’re having a vintage or 1950’s theme, how cute would it be to have a knee-length frock with a pinched waist and a full petticoated skirt? Yours could be in beautiful vintage lace, while those of your bridesmaids could be in pastel shades or even charming floral prints!

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