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E-Mail 'Mark Your 50th Wedding Anniversary With an Exotic Luau' To A Friend

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  1. The color palette for this luau is gorgeous! If I can’t find coconuts, what else can I use to make similar centerpieces?


  2. You can try using watermelons, pineapples, or a variety of big tropical fruits!

  3. This color palette is so pretty!

  4. Help! Where can I find tiki statues? I need them for the table decor. Thanks.

  5. Used this idea for a 30th class reunion tablescape, for the theme of ” The pina Coloda Song”

  6. Luv this concept! Any ideas on how I may use orchids to put in the centerpieces? Thank you. I’m planning a party for my dad using this theme for Father’s day.

  7. Thanks a lot, Samantha! You could get some ideas for tropical florals (bromeliads and bougainvillea) from this other article we published: http://www.bellenza.com/wedding-ideas/decorate/simple-yet-stunning-luau-tabletop-ideas.html

    You could use a similar approach but using orchids instead — both as centerpieces or as single blooms on each place setting. Would love to see how your Father’s Day party turns out! You could email pics to: bellenzabistro@gmail.com.

  8. Do you put sand in the coconuts to hold the greenery or another product?

  9. Hi Dianna! Actually we just fit the greenery snugly into the hole in each coconut. That worked well enough to keep them in place. But sand, small pebbles, or even spare loose leaves could be used to wedge the greenery in securely, if needed. :-)

  10. Would like some information on having a Hawaiian Theme 50th wedding
    anniversary party in January . Thank you

    Nita Armentrout

  11. Hi Nita! Since you’ve already found this post of ours, we hope it has given you some ideas on celebrating a 50th anniversary with a Hawaiian luau theme.

    But we also have some related posts with a different decorating style that you may find helpful, too:




    Have a wonderful anniversary celebration!

  12. How do you make or buy the pom pom looking decorations on the table? and are those wooden bead strands/necklaces on the table?