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Plan a Hip and Modern Rehearsal Dinner BBQ!

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A BBQ rehearsal dinner

A rehearsal dinner is traditionally a relaxed, fun affair with the wedding party taking a moment to unwind amidst the countdown to your wedding day. So what could be more perfect than an outdoor gathering in an open breezy backyard, a barbecue party to be exact?

But is the prospect of laboring over a hot grill the last thing you want as you try to chill? Don’t fret about it! You can always opt for a catered bbq dinner. That way, you can have more elegant table settings and sit back and enjoy the savory menu along with your guests! For some ideas for pulling this off in style, take a look at our online finds—from place settings to a drinks display to a snacks table to your favors. Happy planning!

Inspiration Board for a Truly Modern BBQ Party

Ideas for a modern BBQ rehearsal dinner

  1. For your invitations, you can save on cost and time with customizable printable designs like this one from Alana Grosse Designs on etsy. Having a pro graphic designer make the font choices and layout for you ensures that your invites will have that warm, welcoming look and feel just right for a casual bbq event!
  2. Red is a great color for a bbq setup. In fact, you’ll notice many of the images we found have red in them! In this table setting from Epicurious (found via Second Street East), we love how the bold red napkins just pop against the wooden picnic table with matching stools. Note, too, the wire lanterns also in red that serve as charming centerpieces!
  3. Bring back the old school chalkboard for your party menu! Try this fun idea that is also budget-friendly and so easy to do from the blog of A Slice of Wonderbread, which features an actual rehearsal dinner bbq.
  4. Don’t forget the snacks table! Aside from all the grilled dishes you’ll be serving, set up a station for treats like popcorn, nuts, cookies, muffins, and mini pies. We got the idea from this great pic found on Juneberry Lane (attributed to Project Wedding). Don’t those bags of popcorn look so tempting? Perfect for chatting the evening away at your rehearsal party!
  5. Believe it or not, this quaint beverage tray is a refurbished Atlas parts washer (whatever that is)! The ever-resourceful and stylish Heather Bullard explains how she made this piece food safe. She scraped off any loose paint, applied a clear spray sealer, and lined it with clear trash bags before filling with ice and bottled drinks!
  6. You can spare yourselves getting all hot and bothered grilling your bbq party fare. Instead, hire a barbecue catering service like BBQ Connection LLC to take care of everything. Their “Pigs on the Run” team is a championship BBQ catering crew, no less, grilling everything fresh on-site! Look for a similar pro service in your area.
  7. For your centerpieces, daisies in jam or mason jars would be a cute and simple choice. We spotted these at a BaByQ Baby Shower (isn’t that a clever theme?) on Whimsy and Wise. Just tie on sweet tags with your initials perhaps? Alongside, have bottles of homemade hot sauce or barbecue sauce, both for use at the party and for guests to take home.
  8. Send guests home with a yummy piece of this party—s’mores in a jar! They can then enjoy these at their own outdoor summer events (if they even last that long!). For the super-easy how-to for packaging these jar favors, we have to thank Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body. You can personalize the labels to say a sweet thank you to your wedding party.

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  1. This is such a great idea! I’m having the same theme for my rehearsal dinner!

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