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Cake Jar Favors that are Made at Home

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Cake jar favors that you diy

Do a quick search for cakes in jars, cookies in jars, and cupcakes in jars on the web. You’ll be amazed at the creativity and variety there is for these goodies being given as delicious favors!

What is it about these treats in jars that just warms the heart? Maybe it’s their homemade appeal or the oh-so-charming packaging or the fact that the jars themselves become pratical keepsakes. Whatever the reason, they’re definitely a treat to give and receive on your most special of days. And these 4 bottled delights we found online show just how to do it!

See How Yummy These Cake Jar Favors Can Be

DIY cake jars

  1. This tempting brownie in a jar is an example of the “not to be eaten YET” type of bottled favor. In other words, what it contains are the ingredients for some scrumptious treat, layer upon layer of them! Found via the stylish site Magnolia Rouge (originally from Maisy and Grace), this concept allows guests to enjoy the baking as well as the eating fun as they recall your wedding!
  2. For a more sophisticated presentation, how lovely are these Neapolitan cakes in a jar? We found these shared on Babble’s Family Kitchen and were intrigued by the classic combination of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla layers…yum! But prettiest of all is the swirl of three-toned buttercream icing topping each cake.
  3. Talk about decadent looking! These red velvet cupcakes in a jar were a Valentine feature on My Baking Addiction, but would be just as lovely as wedding favors, too. Each cupcake is sliced crosswise to create layers, with rich cream cheese frosting between them. Love how the striking red and white combinaton shows through the elegant tulip jars! Check out the recipe she enclosed on the blog post.
  4. Playful and perfect for a summertime or rainbow-themed wedding, these multi-colored cakes in a jar are sure to be a hit! The ones show here were supplied by Charmios Edibles, an etsy shop for edible gifts and party decor, for a kiddie party featured on Chickabug. But who says all this colorfulness can’t cross over into wedding socials, too, right?
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  1. I’m making these red white and blue for the 4th!

  2. Hi, RM — Great idea! Your guests are sure to love that patriotic treat. :-)

  3. Oh this is wonderful! What a great idea!


  4. Thanks for stopping by, Carol! There are lots of really delish cake-in-a-jar versions on the web. Just wanted to give our readers a “taste”. :-)

  5. Thank you for showing an idea from my blog! I’m just delighted to be featured! : )

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