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  1. I am so glad that you guys finally posted this “how-to”. I’ve been so enamored with the tree since seeing it in the Jamaican-inspired engagement party. I can’t wait to start this project. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  2. Thank you so much for your instructions on the tree! I’m positive it will be a hit!

  3. Kedra Washington

    Yes thanks for posting the instructions for these project! Looks like alot of fun!

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy and have fun!

  5. I absolutely looooove this centerpiece and table decorations. I was planning to have a hawaiian luau in August. After seeing this table, I’ve changed it to a Jamaican themed party!!! I’m really excited to make the tree. Thanks for the instructions!!! It seems detailed but the tree looks worth it!

  6. Thank you for such sweet words 😀

  7. this is brilliant!!!!!!!!

  8. I have been having trouble finding the crepe paper in those wonderful colors. Help please.

  9. You can try stores such as Dick Blick Art Materials or Ann’s Bridal Bargains.

  10. This is a beautiful centerpiece. I recreated it for a Jamaican birthday party. I ran into some snares though. The first was finding crepe paper. Seems NO ONE carries it anymore…I looked at party stores, art supply stores, drug stores, nada. I know they carry it at online art supply, but I didn’t have time to wait. So I used plastic tablecloths instead. I used a dark green and lighter green for the leaves, cut them into leaf shapes and even put some notches in them to look more like palm leaves. I used the scrunch method as suggested above. Another detour I took was to use clear shipping tape to secure the wire. It was a lot easier and quicker than glue. I also used a stiffer all purpose wire instead of the florist wire which I found did not keep the leaves up as well. It may not be as pretty as the one above, but if you’re going for the “idea” and not the “ideal”…it works! :-)) Thanks for the great idea!!

  11. Wow, Susan!

    We’re thrilled to hear that! Thanks for sharing your wonderful take on the centerpiece. Kudos :)

  12. This has been very helpful! I found this article some months ago and it was a dream come true as I decided to throw my BFF a Jamaican themed wedding shower (I’m MOH and we’re having a destination wedding IN JAMAICA!) We are bringing Jamaica to Boston for those who can’t join us! I’m sending this step by step to one of the bridesmaids who says her and her grandma are arts & craft gurus! Can’t wait for the turn out! Question: Is that the same material you used as the tablecloth that I see along the fence in the background shaped in bows?

    Great job! You are awesome!

  13. going to make this tree next week! Yah Mon!

  14. Thank you guys! Jessica: the tablecloth used a different material than the bows that were tied on the chairs. For the chairs, the cloth we used was a lighter shade of yellow that are about the length and width of a regular winter scarf!

  15. Can’t find anyone to make me this centerpiece and my party is a week from today! :-(

  16. How’d it turn out Vicki? Any pics?

  17. hey ! really thnxx…4 d such clear procedure……..i hope it really works !!!!!!