Something Different: Limoncello Favors in Pretty Bottles

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Limoncello bottles with cork

Gifting your guests with delicious homemade limoncello is impressive in itself. But as we all know, presentation is key. So we thought we’d pass on some lovely packaging ideas we found for this zesty lemon liqueur, using a whole range of interesting, shapely bottles! So whether your wedding theme is modern, rustic, glamorous, or at-home intimate, you’re likely to find the perfect bottle choice among these. Salute!

Limoncello favor ideas with packaging tags

1 - Classic glam - We love the graceful look of this limoncello packaging with gold-edged ribbon (image by Liam Boylan) found via Serious Eats. The post is also full of great tips and suggestions for DIY limoncello—and a recipe!

2 - Bottles with cork stoppers - For a pretty packaging effect, cork stoppers add such a quaint touch (best for small bottles, though, that will be consumed soon after opening!). We got the idea from a post on The Vintage Mixer, with another great recipe included.

3 - Violin or guitar-shaped bottles - You could scour the web for suppliers of truly unique containers to suit your theme. We spotted these ones via a real destination wedding in Capri featured on Jet Fete blog. Notice the couple’s names and wedding details painted on, too!

4 - Other interesting shapes - These 3-bulb bottles seen via Yes Bride are an eye-catching option! Pretty enough to stand on their own, you can just add rustic tags with some graceful hand calligraphy as a finishing touch.

5 - Modern and sleek - This is the perfect bottle option for a trendy wedding theme. It could be used as a lovely single-bloom vase by guests afterwards. This example via actually holds Crema di Limoncello—a variation which you may consider, too! Recipes for this and several other lemon-based goodies are provided.

6 - Themed favor tags - Even if only the simplest of bottles are available, no worries! Customizable favor tags like these lemon-shaped ones from Simply Diane Designs on etsy can bring on the charm for you.

7 - Cute mini bottles - Aiming for a casual, friendly vibe? Check out these twine-trimmed bottles featured on Wedding Clan, with equally cool graphic style tags. So appealing!

8 - Flask-type containers - If your wedding theme calls for a homemade look, bottles with that flattened flask shape would be great. Then, like on these examples from Girlichef (limoncello recipe included), you can simply hand write the sticker labels.

Tips for buying and using bottles for limoncello favors:

1. Ensure that the product description states that the bottles seal airtight once filled.
2. Always sterilize the bottles and caps before filling.
3. On your bottle labels or favor tags, include instructions for your guests on how to store and re-seal the limoncello for best enjoyment.

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5 comments: “Something Different: Limoncello Favors in Pretty Bottles”

  1. amy - June 3rd, 2013 9:52 pm.

    You’re right about presentation–this is tops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) - June 12th, 2013 7:38 pm.

    Hi, Amy! We really appreciate your visits and your sweet comments. We keep learning something new about bridal fashion on your blog, which we love!

  3. Slice - May 19th, 2014 1:33 am.

    from where can I buy small glass bottles?


  4. Lissa (Bellenza Wedding Bistro) - May 19th, 2014 8:22 am.

    Hello Slice! Your best source for the particular type of bottles depends on what you plan to use them for and the quantity you need. But as a good starting-point, you can try these sites:

    Hope these help!

  5. Annie - April 24th, 2015 5:33 am.

    Do you know of what are some good limoncello?

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