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Bellenza’s “Empire State Building Wedding” Picks: Staying Sweethearts!

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Most brides and grooms can only dream of tying the knot at the world-famous Empire State Building. But for 3 very lucky couples, that dream could actually come true in February 2014–thanks to the Empire State Building “Love Above All” 20th Annual Valentine’s Day Contest!

The lead designers for the winning couples’ weddings will be Red Envelope and ProFlowers. So, we were thrilled to be approached by Red Envelope to make our recommended picks from their catalog of exclusive wedding gifts. From the modern (and practical) selection available, we created a set of 5 gift items that revolve around the theme “Staying Sweethearts.” Simple but meaningful ways to keep the romance alive, even after your wedding day!

Red Envelope Valentine's Day

Pretty picks, don’t you agree?

Interested couples have until December 5, 2013 to take part in this contest! So hurry, click on the first link above to find out how. Have a fabulous Empire State Building wedding. And remember, stay sweethearts!

[Note: Bellenza received no compensation from Red Envelope to recommend items from their wedding gifts catalog. The selection was based entirely on our own judgement as to what newlyweds would find appealing, useful, and fun as they begin their married life!]

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