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Where to Buy Rosé Sparkling Wines in 187ml Bottles

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Mini rose sparkling wines as favors

Perhaps it’s the alluring blush color, the pop of sparkling pink hues, and the chic size of the bottle are what makes rosé sparkling wines hugely popular for parties like bridal showers, weddings, and bachelorette parties. But because of this demand, they can be hard to find! Use our handy guide below as a first step to getting your own gorgeous bottles of mini rosé sparkling wines. A party favor that your guests will surely take home.


Mini rosé sparkling wines are sold in an 187ml (approx. 6.3 oz) bottle. It’s called a split (i.e., 187.5ml to be exact) because it is half the size of a 375ml bottle. Do note that a 187ml case consists of 24 bottles unless otherwise specified by the retailer or vineyard. You can definitely buy them online, but some state laws on shipping alcohol makes it a challenge to order them especially in bulk. However, this is changing so check your state laws for updated information. Wine Spectator has a great map that you can use to understanding U.S. wine shipping laws by state. Visit their site.


What are some of our favorites? Check out the list below (check as we will be adding more wines ):

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Mia Rosé Sparkling Moscato 187ML

Mia Rosé Sparkling Moscato 187ML
Highlights: fresh and sweet with floral and tropical aromas
Where you may find it: World Market (item may only be available in-store)

Cavit Lunetta Rose

Cavit Lunetta Rosé Prossecco 187ML
Highlights:crisp, fruity, and clean with the aromas of apples, red berries, raspberry, and peach
Where you may find it: Grand Wine Cellar and Warehouse Wines and Spirits

Chandon California Rose Wine

Chandon Rosé Mini
Highlights:: Intense strawberry, watermelon, and cherry aromas and flavors with a creamy finish
Where you may find it: Chandon

Le Grand Courtage Rose Brut (187ML Split)

Le Grand Courtâge Rosé Brut (187ML Split)
Highlights: fresh and fruity strawberry and raspberry aromas with notes of lilac and violets
Where you may find it: Le Grand Courtâge or Wine.com

Cantine Maschio Sparkling Rosé

Cantine Maschio Sparkling Rosé NV 187ML
Highlights: light, yeasty note and floral aromas of roses and violets; strawberry and raspberry notes
Where you may find it: Shop Wine Direct

Barefoot Bubbly California Pink Moscato

Barefoot Bubbly California Pink Moscato Sparkling Mini Wine Bottles, 24 x 187ml
Highlights: sweet scent of peaches, Mandarin oranges and jasmine with a layer of raspberry, pomegranate, and cranberry notes; including nectarine and cherry flavors
Where you may find it: Amazon

Astoria Sparkling Moscato Rosé

Astoria Sparkling Moscato Rosé
Highlights: aromas of strawberries, raspberries, and violets; sweet flavors of berries with a hint of honey
Where you may find it: Ace Spirits

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Due to shipping limitations of buying alcohol online, it makes sense to visit stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and Smart and Final. They may carry or can special order these wines for you in large quantities. For quantities less than 20 bottles, you may have some luck in places like Target, World Market, CVS (yes, some drugstores may have them), or a nearby neighborhood wine store such as BevMo.


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