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  1. victoria ndemuti

    i think this is a very festive , yet elegant way to celebrate cinco de mayo. Even though the colors are really bright , they somehow play off each other and really make dramatic statement.

    The colors also remind me of my hometown in Kenya. Fabulous!

  2. Any ideas for flower centerpieces? We have a small budget but still want to have flowers on our guest tables. Thank you for your help. I like the idea of using sombreros, too.

  3. If you want to have flowers but are running on a low budget, then you can try using carnations. They are actually quite beautiful when you arrange them in pretty vases tied with a band of colorful ribbons. Consider using a combination of carnations in white, pink, and red for an attractive centerpiece.

    For something truly off the wall, you can also try paper flowers (also known as Mexican paper flowers) made of colorful wrapping tissue. These can be extremely beautiful and you can actually make them yourself. You can even use tissue paper that matches with your color scheme! How great is that!

  4. Lara Sarmiento

    Hi. I just wanted to say that the colors here are fabulous! I am having a wedding inspired by Mexico in the summer. So what kind of colors do you recommend? Thanks.

  5. I love the colors! Did you make or buy those crepe paper balls??

  6. To make those crepe paper balls, simply get some Styrofoam balls (the sizes may vary) from a store like Michael’s. Then, obtain streamers of crepe paper, which are usually available in different colors from party store shops. Measure the strips according to the size of your balls, and then before you paste them onto the balls, cut the paper strips into half “slits” using a scissor. Lastly, attach them to the balls using glue. Viola! It’s that easy!

  7. I just recently held a fiesta engagement party for my daughter and her fiancée .I had each table covered with a different bright colored table cover-red, blue, lime green. yellow and purple. Plates and napkins were solid colors also. For table centerpieces I made Mexican paper flowers out of bright colored tissue paper . I place 3-4 in a circle on each table and place a small candle in the middle of the circle. I had sombreros (large and small) on the walls. I hung fiesta flags(purchased at party supply stores). For the menu I served mexican rice, beans, steak and chicken fajitas (purchased from a local restaurant-saved me much stress), a taco bar, chips and salsa, and 7 layer dip. For drinks I had beer, sangria punch, and margaritas (frozen and on the rocks). I played Mexican music. I also made Mexican wedding cookies and placed 4-5 in a clear bag, tied it with ribbons of the above colors and tied a tag saying “Wedding cookies instead of cake to help you remember this important date–Bride and groom’s name and wedding date”. This was placed on a large sombrero and was a favor to take home. I enjoyed preparing for the party and everyone had a good time. My guests were impressed

  8. where can i purchase the pinata-inspired crepe paper balls?

  9. Please refer to the previous comment dated March 22nd, 2010 4:06 pm. These were not store-bought. We made them using crepe paper.

  10. Great ideas!! LOVE the slides! :)

  11. Hello there, Bird! Coming from you, we’re really flattered. Thanks so much for stopping by!