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Go Caribbean-Crazy With Colorful Party Favors

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Caribbean party favors

Maybe it’s that distinct hum of steel drums from Jamaica, the crash of the cool waves in Aruba, or the pristine, sandy beaches of the Bahamas? If it’s images like these that inspire your wedding, why not give something unique to remember this special day that captures the spirit of these fabulous Caribbean locales? Here are some of our own unique favor ideas that do just that!

Tips for Presenting the Favors at the Party:

1. Use color to create an impact for the favors, such as adding a vibrant orange ribbon and a whimsical tropical fruit tag to a simple woven heart box.

2. Consider texture as a way to bring depth to the table scene. An ornamental shell frame becomes a decorative touch by adding an interesting texture and a handcrafted look.

3. Give sweet treats that have a unique flavor of the Caribbean. House them in pretty shell dishes as a delightful token of your wedding celebration.

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4. Add a look of upscale elegance by selecting favors in a metallic finish of gold or silver. For instance, rest gold place frames on each guest’s plate and instantly transform the setting from casual to chic.

5. Think simple yet double-duty with a budget-friendly purpose. Don’t know what to do with your guests’ place cards? Cut them into fruit shapes and stand them in lovely shell card holders—that then go home as guest favors.


  1. I love the hot pink table on your web site. I’m looking for a unique and funky table cloth for thanksgiving. Please let me know where you found it. Plus I’m getting married next year and I really love your design ideas. I’ll keep you in mind. Thank you, Sharon Lippert

  2. I just luv the pretty frames! So nice as favors.

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