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Fun Ideas for Planning an East Asian-inspired Bridal Shower

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Fortune cookie display

Looking for a unique bridal shower theme? Let the creative juices flow and craft a party inspired by the cultures of East Asia, but with a Western undertone. Choose materials and decorative elements that impart an authentic vibe–such as paper lanterns hung above the tables, antique ceramic bowls to present guest favors, and bamboo trays to serve an array of treats. Prepare shapely sweets like fortune cookies, as well as round-shaped treats symbolizing prosperity and fortune. To tie all the elements together, experiment with a color palette that breaks away from the traditional red and gold to include hues like orange, pink, and even aqua. The challenge is how to recreate the ambiance with a more contemporary look.

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  1. Where can you obtain those lanterns? I’m thinking of using them for an engagement party with a cherry blossom theme. Also, what kind of colors do you recommend? I personally love the color red, but was wondering what else is nice for such a theme.

  2. Hi Laura. There are several places on the web that you can check out depending on what kind of lantern you are looking for. Is it Chinese or Shoji lanterns? In this slideshow, we used Shoji paper lanterns. Here are some sites that offer a variety of them:




    If you are having a cherry blossom theme, pink and white lanterns would be great colors.

  3. Hello , I’m in the entertainment industry ( set design ) and just want to let you know that I’m very inspired and impressed by the the simple , doable concepts you have.
    This east asian theme ( i’m asian myself – originally from Tokyo) is really eye-catching and saturated with brilliant colors. Good color combinations!

    Keep up the good work, guys.

  4. Hi there!

    I’m looking at the East Asian-inspired Bridal Shower slideshow, and wondering if you can direct to where I can purchase the square bamboo trays shown on slide #3.


  5. Hello Michelle. We purchased these trays from a flea market in Bangkok. I think you might be able to find something similar in places such as Pier One or CostPlus World Market. If you still don’t find them, you can also check out some stores that carry Oriental kitchenware items. Hope this helps!

    Thanks for stopping by our site :)

  6. I love the idea for the milk served in champage glasses! I’m planning to serve lychee-infused cocktails and then serving them in chic glasses that will be garnished with our shrimp wonton appetizers shaped like fortune cookies!

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