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Themed Favor Tables Take Center Stage at the Party

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Favor presentation tables

Everyone loves the wedding cake display. But more and more, the favor presentation table is becoming a focal point at wedding events. Especially if you have a party theme or motif, the favor table provides a perfect showcase to play it up for all to see.

Need some ideas for how this can be done? Let us help get that creativity going with these favor table displays with a theme—whether for a bridal shower, an engagement party, a rehearsal dinner, a wedding reception, or an anniversary celebration. Come your own event, you’ll be happily crafting a themed favor table with your personal style!


  1. The winter ball scene is just gorgeous!

  2. I am speechless….

  3. I just love the Valentine’s day favor table with those pink and purple woven boxes. You can even use them as a nifty and cool way to display escort cards at the party. This is definitely my favorite favor display idea!

  4. In slide #5, the lilac and aqua color palette is adorable! Luv it!

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