Mmmmm…Macarons! Use Them as Elegant Favors and Decorations

Macarons have been the darling of the wedding world for decades now. And understandably so! Elevated to confection superstardom by France’s iconic Laduree brand, macarons in their myriad variations have been used to grace the wedding tables, dessert buffets, and gift baskets of the rich and famous.... [Read More]

Unique Valentine’s Wedding Ideas: A Special Roundup from Bellenza

Hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! We’ve gathered our most favorite posts to showcase the many, unique ways that you can plan a wedding celebration on the most romantic day of the year. Whether it’s a bridal shower or a lovely dinner for two, we’re sure that you’ll... [Read More]

Coffee Themed Wedding: Ideas for a Vintage-Inspired Reception!

Ah, coffee! The aroma, the flavor, the entire experience is almost sacred for all the coffee lovers out there. So, envisioning a dream setting for a wedding reception with a coffee theme led us to the rich, cozy ambiance of an Old World coffee shop. Think wood paneling, upholstered seats, vintage decanters... [Read More]

Yummy Favor Ideas Using Peanut Butter

Much like any sweet craving, loving peanut butter is practically a given. So when you consider giving peanut butter goodies as favors, you’re certain to have a delighted bunch of guests! From lovingly homemade peanut butter to fancy gourmet-style confections, the secrets lie not only in the fascinating... [Read More]

Cool and Clever! Ideas for Presenting Sweet Treats

Candies are already so irresistible! So, it’s quite a challenge and a thrill to pretty them up even more. But lucky for us who are ever on the look out for fresh favor packaging ideas, there are dozens of super-creative blogs out there that keep coming up with the cutest ways to present sweet... [Read More]

Something Different: Limoncello Favors in Pretty Bottles

Gifting your guests with delicious homemade limoncello is impressive in itself. But as we all know, presentation is key. So we thought we’d pass on some lovely packaging ideas we found for this zesty lemon liqueur, using a whole range of interesting, shapely bottles! So whether your wedding theme... [Read More]

Give the Coolest Olive Oil Favors at Your Wedding

Giving guests bottles of olive oil as favors is a wonderful idea for weddings any time of year! Not only is this quality oil a prized cooking ingredient, it is also the kind of practical present that will keep your guests thinking of you and your wedding day every time they enjoy it. So do make the... [Read More]

Strike Up the Perfect Match with Cool Match Box Favors

It may sound a bit trite, this whole ‘Perfect Match’ thing. But the creative ways couples have played around with the concept of giving matchboxes as favors is certainly fun! And in most cases, a great addition to your reception decor, too. We put together this roundup of creative and fun ideas... [Read More]

Eco-friendly Favor Ideas from Seeds to Saplings for Spring

Giving wedding guests ‘living favors’ couldn’t be more perfect for springtime nuptials! Not only are these eco-friendly, they also convey the magic of new life and growth that a marriage is all about. And it doesn’t hurt that these gifts are lovely to look at, too! Take your cue from the pretty... [Read More]

Favors with a Good Fortune for a Chinese New Year’s Celebration

We hope you enjoyed our recent post on the festive elements for a Chinese New Year bridal shower! Aside from the striking decorations and the delectable food, though, we thought you’d like suggestions for guest favors as well. So here are 6 gift ideas that immediately caught our fancy—from traditional... [Read More]

Confetti-inspired Favors for a New Year’s Party

Bridal showers are always fun. But throw in the New Year’s season plus a co-ed guest list, and you up the fun factor to extra festive! And what says holiday revelry better than confetti? So we put together 5 shower favor suggestions that have confetti cuteness sprinkled all over them. You may end... [Read More]

Glamorous Ideas for a Gold-and-Glittery New Year’s Bash

Goodness, where has the year gone?! Either that, or you’re wondering, “Oh no, how do I style our New Year’s Eve party?” May we suggest gold and glitter? The reason is we’re so thrilled with the inspiration we discovered on five fabulous blogs. All of them just happen to... [Read More]

Host a Champagne-themed New Year’s Engagement Soiree

How exciting to host a New Year’s engagement dinner! It’s a chance to capture that merrymaking magic while keeping the occasion elegant, too. The perfect option—a champagne theme! Simply focus on elements that are all about bubbliness, sparkle and cheer. So to help pop the cork and get the ideas... [Read More]

Hip Favors for a New Year’s Engagement Party

Champagne, confetti, sparklers, noise makers—all festive traditions at a New Year’s Eve bash. But how do you bring these in to a year-end engagement party in a stylish (read, non-cheesy) way? Turn them into favors! Take these 8 ideas, for instance. Each one is sure to get that mood of revelry going,... [Read More]

Chic Winter Wedding Favor Ideas with a Rustic Flair

On the lookout for creative favor ideas for your rustic-themed winter wedding? Take your inspiration from nature! The snowy season has some real charmers to offer, all celebrating the textures, colors, and fragrances that are sure to get your guests all sentimental about this “most wonderful time... [Read More]

3 Herb-inspired Favor Ideas That You Can DIY

Looking to give guests something special that is different yet homemade? Try making something special that is herb-inspired. We show you three easy yet practical ways to create them—from potted herbal plants to bottled herbs for cooking! These ideas would be ideal for a bride and groom who are planning... [Read More]

Recycle Frap Bottles into Fun and Crafty Favors!

Don’t know what to do with those Starbucks Frappuccino bottles? Well, we found some unique ways to recycle them into fun favor containers! By simply adding your own personalized spin to them using stickers, tags, and labels, these frap bottles become appealing containers that are sure to strike... [Read More]

Offbeat Idea: Using Picture Frames to Present Food

When is a frame not a frame? When it’s a food tray! That’s exactly the idea behind these vintage gold picture frames used to display appetizers, finger foods, or candies! Such a striking and offbeat way to add to your wedding party decor while also serving a practical purpose. Not only that, if... [Read More]

Surprise! Spa Favors That You Can Make

Surprise the bride-to-be with an afternoon of pampering at a spa-themed bridal shower! And to make the occasion extra special, prepare spa-themed favors to match. Of course, you could always visit your favorite pharmacy or a department store cosmetics section to see what pampering products they may... [Read More]

Pink Champagne Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Bring out the bubbly! Pink champagne, in particular. And one of the yummiest ways to do so would be with pink champagne-infused guest favors at a lovely pink and gold bridal shower party! Style the scene in the sweetest pink decorations highlighted with glittery gold accents. Then, have your party... [Read More]

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