Apple Cider Wedding Favors: From Homemade to Ready-Made Ideas!

With the fall harvest bringing forth a bountiful supply of apples, it’s time to head off to your local orchard for some apple picking! And when you’re done, why not make some apple cider because they make wonderful fall wedding favors as bottled drinks, spice mixes, jams, and even doughnuts.... [Read More]

How-To: Craft Favor Cones for a Vintage Country Wedding Theme

Are you planning a Vintage Country theme for your wedding? We can just imagine the charming outdoor setting, the fresh from the garden florals, and all the quaint, rustic decorations that you will most likely handcraft for this special occasion. So we’re popping in here with this idea for super easy,... [Read More]

Vintage Travel-themed Gift Ideas for the Bridal Party

So you’ve chosen a travel theme for your wedding? That’s wonderful! We can just see the vintage table decorations you’ll display and the special guest favors you’ll prepare. Maybe even the menu you’ll serve, featuring dishes from your favorite travel destinations. But don’t... [Read More]

How-To: Set Up a Popcorn Bar for Fall Weddings!

Popcorn is a hugely popular snack all year round. But there’s just something about serving it at a fall event that seems so right! Maybe because it’s such a well-loved comfort snack and autumn is such a cozy, heartwarming type of season? Whatever the reason, a Popcorn Bar at a fall wedding is a... [Read More]

Sweet, Spiked, Sophisticated! Candy with Booze as Wedding Favors

Candy is not just kid stuff. It can be infused with different alcoholic beverages, making it a delicious option to give as sophisticated wedding favors! Come and survey the choices we found, made with boozy and bubbly ingredients from champagne to bourbon to tequila to sparkling wine. And in quite a... [Read More]

Edible Wedding Favors: Sophisticated, Gourmet Ideas for Summer!

Edible wedding favors are always appreciated by guests. But for today’s discriminating couples, these can’t be just any ho-hum or predictable treats! They must be delicious (of course!), a personal or sentimental favorite of the bride and groom, chic and sophisticated, and presented in elegant favor... [Read More]

Choosing Favors for a Beach Wedding When Cost is an Issue

For a summer beach wedding celebration, finding something special and meaningful to remember your special day has its challenges when cost is an issue. After all, for an item that is so small, you would think that anyone would even notice it! This is where we come in and provide you with 5 creative... [Read More]

Vintage Travel-themed Wedding Favor Ideas with Charm!

Travel, especially of the vintage variety, has such a romantic air to it! No wonder, then, why this is such a popular theme among brides and grooms. Are you a well-traveled couple, loving the thrill of exciting new destinations? Did you meet or get engaged overseas? Is one or both of you of foreign... [Read More]

Donut Walls: The Sweetest Wedding Food Trend You’ll Want to Grab!

Food stylists and caterers for today’s weddings are really letting their imaginations soar. And we mean that quite literally in this fun spin-off from the traditional dessert tables: donut walls! They’ve been popping up everywhere in the past year or so—from corporate events to baby showers and,... [Read More]

The 2-Piece Chocolate Favor Box: Ready-made Luxe!

Who doesn’t love chocolates? And when it comes to wedding favors, these decadent treats are always welcome. Even more so when they come in the sweetest pairs, like these 2-piece Chocolate Favor Boxes we found, elegantly packaged and ready to give! Add to that the option to choose your packaging colors... [Read More]

Feather Cookie Favors for a Boho, Tribal or Aztec-themed Wedding

With themes like Boho, Tribal and Aztec being quite the rage for weddings these days, couples are surely on the lookout for favor ideas to match. And with edible favors always being appreciated, we thought: why not feather-themed cookies? These can be frosted in whatever colors will suit your decor,... [Read More]

Boho + Aztec + Southwest-inspired Favor Ideas that are Crafty!

We’re obviously on a boho wedding binge these days! Our recent posts here, here and here certainly prove that. So of course, we couldn’t leave out the favor ideas for this theme. Here are 7 charming options—each one with that distinct tribal look and all fittingly hand-crafted (with tutorials,... [Read More]

Christmas Cookie Favor Packaging: A Holiday Extravaganza with 22 Ideas!

Who doesn’t love Christmas cookies? They bring instant holiday cheer, whether you plan to home-bake these goodies to give or you’ll go with store-bought ones for your holiday wedding. And the great news is you can make cookie gifts extra special by presenting them in fun, festive, and charming packaging—that... [Read More]

12 Creative Christmas Wedding Favors from Edible to Decorative to Fun!

Having a wedding within the holiday season is extra special! The spirit of giving is in the air, and everyone has their sentimental favorites when it comes to goodies and presents to give and receive. So wouldn’t it be wonderful to delight your guests with favors that remind them of what makes Christmas... [Read More]

Wedding Week #15: Mini Cakes as Pretty Wedding Favors

Seeing several posts this past week featuring the sweetest miniature cakes made us think, “How lovely would these be to give as wedding favors!” Especially if you’ll be having an intimate ceremony and reception, you can go a bit more fancy with what you can give as take-home gifts. And see how... [Read More]

Pie Pops as Favors: 7 Creative Ways to Display and Package Them

Fall and winter are definitely pie season! And when those well-loved baked creations come in mini form as pie pops, they make ideal favors to give at fall and winter weddings. Already adorable and surely scrumptious, these treats need only a bit of creative packaging and a charming display at the wedding.... [Read More]

Lollipops! Flavorful Favors for Fall Weddings!

Lollipops! These childhood treats are the latest in wedding sweets to make a big comeback. But unlike their predecessors, these lollies come in an amazing array of flavors. From unique gourmet blends and nostalgic favorites, to seasonal shapes and even edible flowers! We found these 10 tempting choices... [Read More]

Edible Fall Wedding Favors Go Sophisticated with an Artisan Flair!

Among the many charms of an autumn wedding are the delicious possibilities for edible wedding favors! Why not try something different, though? Go the ‘gourmet/artisan’ route and impress guests with one of these 12 absolutely irresistible fall treats—mostly sweet, but some spicy and even salty!... [Read More]

A Spa-Manicure Bridal Shower in Cool Mint + Lime!

Just what a bride-to-be needs! A few hours of calm and soothing pampering amidst all the pre-wedding stress. Throw her a Spa-Manicure Bridal Shower decked out in the coolest, most refreshing palette of mint green and lime—from the party decorations and spa supplies, to food, drinks, and favors all... [Read More]

Beach Inspired Favors with Pretty Packaging Inspiration!

Favors for a beach theme wedding have really come a long way! They can be so fabulously packaged that they become decorative pieces in their own right. You’ll see what we mean with these 5 favor presentation ideas from our own beach- and nautical-themed sets. Pretty fancy, if we do say so ourselves!... [Read More]

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