Make DIY Hand Fans as Pretty Favors for Your Wedding!

Looking for something pretty and practical to give as wedding favors? Why not hand fans you can actually make yourself! These would be ideal for an Asian-themed occasion, a summer garden party, or even a wedding social with a tropical motif. Here, we’d like to show you the fun possibilities of... [Read More]

Geek Chic: Favor Ideas for the Hip Bride and Groom!

For the bride and groom who are hooked on their smart phones, geek-inspired favors are the answer! But, geek chic to be more precise! The finds we present to you today are fun and hip—just the right way to send off your guests with a favor that represents your personality and interests. From emoji... [Read More]

St. Patrick’s Day Wedding: Irish-Inspired Treats and Favors!

What would a St. Patrick’s Day themed wedding be without Irish-inspired goodies, right? Whether you’re planning a tempting dessert table or some special wedding favors to send home with guests, delicious treats and drinks are in order! And as luck would have it (this holiday is all about luck, isn’t... [Read More]

How to Make Your Cotton Candy Favors Look Glam and Pretty!

Most of us know and love cotton candy as a nostalgic childhood treat. But have you considered giving it as wedding favors? Why not, right? Not only is it a sentimental favorite—ideal for a vintage or carnival theme—it’s also inexpensive and such fun to package! As these 10 finds show, you can... [Read More]

Valentine’s Engagement Party: Bubblegum + Pop Theme

Surprise everyone with a playful spin on your Valentine’s season engagement party! Plan a whimsical Bubblegum and Pop theme to play along with the Love Day’s red and white motif (with a bit of pink). Think retro ‘50s diner or soda fountain, with ‘throwback’ decor accents and party accessories.... [Read More]

Christmas-themed Wedding Favors: Classics with a DIY Spin!

With all the gift-giving during the holiday season, a Christmas-themed wedding calls for something extra thoughtful and personal to give as guest favors. Here are 8 heartwarming ‘classic Christmas’ ideas that capture both the merriment of the season, plus the sweet sentiment of a DIY gift! Take... [Read More]

Hot Cocoa Favors for Weddings: How to Package Them Pretty!

It’s cold outside! Yes, we know! So, hot cocoa favors are just the thing for your winter wedding! But, how do you package them? This post presents you with creatively cool ideas on how to present and package hot cocoa. From test tubes to tins to sticks, hot cocoa just got a lot cooler, baby! The Inspiration!... [Read More]

A Sentimental Thanksgiving Wedding with a Rustic Charm

Thanksgiving may not be a popular season for getting married, but it presents a unique opportunity for a bride and groom who want to celebrate it in the intimate company of family and friends. So, when putting together this inspiration board keeping the event personal and sentimental was at the forefront... [Read More]

Fun Game- and Toy-inspired Wedding Favors

Wondering what else you can give besides the usual edibles or tokens? Why not throw a little bit of nostalgia into your wedding favors! With these toy-inspired gift ideas, you’ll be feeling like a kid again. From Rubik’s cubes to beach balls, we’re sure you and your guests will be tickled with... [Read More]

Mini Liquor Bottles as Wedding Favors: From Bubbly to Bourbon to Bailey’s

Are you seriously considering giving liquor favors at your wedding? But at the same time seriously worrying about the difficulty (and possibly the cost) of sourcing and then packaging them? Well, look what we found! Seven truly appealing liquor favor ideas, courtesy of some wonderful real weddings and... [Read More]

Rustic Glam Favors: Definitely Guest-Approved!

When you think of rustic favors, what usually comes to mind? Something that you have to make from scratch? Relax! We’ve got 5 easy ideas that can be applied towards a rustic style wedding with just a touch of glam. So, whether you’re having a fall wedding in a barnyard, a woodland wedding... [Read More]

Ideas for Favors and Decor for a Wedding in Blue

When we heard that Aquamarine is making a big comeback as one of the 2015 Pantone Spring colors, we just had to put together some quick ideas for favors and table decorations for brides looking to plan their weddings now. Using 4 of Bellenza’s products, we present you with filling and presentation... [Read More]

Something Cooked Up from the Kitchen! 3 Simple Favors!

Nobody can resist delicious wedding favors that come from your own home kitchen. They need not be anything fancy really. What matters is that these goodies are made with love to delight your guests, and are packaged extra prettily for the occasion. Here are 3 simple, homemade favor ideas that show the... [Read More]

How to Use Twine for Making Pretty Favor Packaging

Gone are the days when twine was used merely to pack baked goods or meat. Now it’s one of the darlings of the gift packaging and party decorating world! For wedding favors, it adds that handcrafted charm with its dozens of available colors, striped patterns, and recently even gold and silver glitter.... [Read More]

Cool and Creative Boxes for Cake and Pie Favors

Presentation is everything. Well, maybe not quite everything—if what you’re packaging are delicious wedding cake slices or scrumptious mini pies to begin with! But appealing packaging is definitely a must when giving these as your wedding favors. So we’re taking this chance to share 7 cool and... [Read More]

DIY Wine-inspired Favors: From Lollipops to Coasters!

Here’s a toast to the highly-popular wine theme for weddings: a roundup of some truly innovative wine-inspired favors! And not only are these ideas innovative, they are DIYable with a certain level of crafting skill. Or for the less crafty among us, thankfully some of these are available on etsy!... [Read More]

Rustic-Chic Packaging for Your Wedding Favors this Summer!

‘Rustic’ has certainly come a long way from its humble woodsy origins. In fact, when you think of packaging favors for a rustic-themed wedding today, the materials may still have that natural, organic look but the styling can be quite cool and contemporary. So we’re pretty excited to share... [Read More]

Bake it Up: Give Bread as Heartwarming Favors with a Homespun Twist

You could say that the best way to your guests’ hearts is through their stomachs! Hence, the popularity of edible wedding favors, right? Well, what could be more heart (and tummy) warming than freshly-baked, fragrant, crusty, and beautifully packaged bread? It may take some logistics magic to pull... [Read More]

Chic Fall Wedding Decor Ideas with a Contemporary Style!

Autumn is arguably the best-loved season for celebrations—weddings included. All those rich colors, fascinating textures, and that hint of chill in the air make for a perfect partying mood! With so much celebrating going on, though, you may find yourself in a decorating bind. How do you capture that... [Read More]

Creative Ways of Incorporating Lights at a Beach Wedding!

Beach weddings can be incredibly romantic. Particularly, once evening falls and the only illumination available will be what you have provided. Make it as magical, dreamy, or exotic as you wish—taking inspiration from these spectacular lighting options, using candles, lanterns, hurricane lamps, fairy... [Read More]

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