Winter Wedding Signature Drinks: 10 Cocktail Recipes to Toast With!

Raise your glasses at your winter wedding reception with delicious holiday-themed cocktails! Take your pick from these 10 drink recipes we found that not only feature the classic flavors of the season, but are so festively presented and garnished, too! Imagine these displayed on a specially styled signature... [Read More]

A Holiday Engagement Party at Home: Make it Simple + Modern!

Planning a holiday engagement party at home? Imagine one set in dazzling gold details, but with chic and simple elements in mind! That’s our inspiration for putting together a decidedly modern-looking affair during the holidays. Think confetti, balloons, and sparklers that are definite must-have... [Read More]

Let It Snow! Easy “Icy” Decorations for a Winter Bridal Shower

The cheery holiday ditty “Let It Snow!” has inspired so many winter gatherings. Why not a bridal shower you’re hosting? The decorating possibilities are delightful, as you plan how to create an icy, frosty, glittery, and sparkly ambiance with no actual snow anywhere. We’re thrilled to be able... [Read More]

Christmas-themed Wedding Favors: Classics with a DIY Spin!

With all the gift-giving during the holiday season, a Christmas-themed wedding calls for something extra thoughtful and personal to give as guest favors. Here are 8 heartwarming ‘classic Christmas’ ideas that capture both the merriment of the season, plus the sweet sentiment of a DIY gift! Take... [Read More]

Cardigans For Winter Brides: Stylish Ways to Wear Them!

Don’t spoil that radiant bridal smile with wintry shivers! Be stylish, beaming, and beautiful in one of the sweetest ways to keep warm on your winter wedding day: a cardigan. It’s much easier to move around in than a wrap-around stole or shawl. Plus a cardigan can also take your look from casual... [Read More]

10 Winter-Inspired Color Palettes for a Beautiful Winter Wedding!

Don’t let the cold air weigh your creative juices down when deciding on a color scheme for a winter wedding! Whether you’re having a rustic, woodland wedding inspired by woodsy elements and natural textures, a modern wedding with chic urban touches, or a sophisticated vintage wedding ala Great... [Read More]

Red and Black Soiree: Winter Engagement Party Series - Idea #3

Welcome back! So glad you could join us for Idea #3 in our ongoing Winter Engagement Parties series. This third party peg we have is all about holiday cheer—with a sassy, sophisticated spin. Who knows, this just might be the idea that will grab you for your own engagement dinner! Holiday Red &... [Read More]

Winter Wonderland Wedding Place Settings: a Glam Fairy Tale Comes to Life!

You can never have too much sparkle! Especially when it comes to decorating your winter wedding place settings with a modern, enchanted fairyland look. In this inspiration from our own styled set, we present easy ideas for how to bring that magical air to life in a glamorous way with silver and glass... [Read More]

Sparkly Snowflakes Theme: Winter Engagement Party Series - Idea #2

Hello again! You must have enjoyed our Idea #1 in this Winter Engagement Parties series, so you’re back to join us. But if you haven’t seen our first post yet, we’d love for you to take a look (just click on the link above)! Each engagement dinner style we’re suggesting is quite unique, but... [Read More]

Engagement Outfit for a Rose Gold and Nude Palette

Thinking of your engagement party outfit for this winter? Consider a palette in neutral hues of rose gold and nude. With a simple and chic approach to assembling this outfit, you will find that being glamorous doesn’t have to be ornate. Instead it can be classy, sleek, and chic—but still feminine!... [Read More]

Clutch Bags for the Bridesmaids: So Stylish and Practical!

Every bride wants to thank her bridesmaids with a specially chosen gift. And if you’re looking for something both pretty and practical, a stylish clutch is always appreciated! Quite a range of personality types among your maid of honor and bridesmaids? No worries. The available designs, colors, and... [Read More]

DIY-it! Thanksgiving Centerpieces with Candles!

Holiday centerpieces just seem perfect for that added magic of candle glow! And the one you’re planning for your Thanksgiving table is no exception. So to help you bring that extra spark to the occasion, we’re sharing 11 fabulous centerpiece ideas that incorporate candles in ways from rustic to... [Read More]

Unique Gift Ideas for the Holidays from Bellenza!

Are you tying the knot this holiday season? Well, then, you’ve got bridal party gifts on your to-do list on top of all the other presents to buy for family and friends. Before you panic, let us help! We know you’d want to give something that’s unique yet useful, pretty yet practical. So we picked... [Read More]

Quick and Easy Ideas for a Stylish 4th of July Rehearsal Dinner

Another holiday seems to be sneaking up on all of us: the 4th of July! And if you’ll be having that patriotic theme for your wedding rehearsal dinner, we figured that quick and easy food and decorating ideas would be more than welcome. So here are 8 great finds that are sure to bring festive color... [Read More]

Fab Feature: A Sparkling July 4th Wedding by Rowdy Stroudy

We love how Carrie of The Rowdy Stroudy’s All That is Sweet in Life describes herself as a wife, mom, photographer, and writer. But, when we stumbled upon this sunny, charming, heartwarming 4th of July wedding party on her blog, we saw that she is definitely a party stylist, too! The celebration... [Read More]

Green, Glorious Green: Inspiration for a St. Patrick’s Day Dessert Table

See a green-themed party display and you think, “This must be for St. Patrick’s Day!” Well, this absolutely gorgeous dessert table designed by Principal Planner (Azar Jazestani Events) never even hints at the iconic Irish celebration—in fact, its actual post title is “Montreal... [Read More]

Throw a Hip and Stylish St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Party

Worried that a St. Patrick’s Day theme for your wedding party might come across as too cutesy or trite? Well, in truth, the look and feel of your event can be as obviously (or as subtly) Irish as you make it. It’s all up to you! So, to help you with some ideas on planning a hip and stylish take... [Read More]

A Winter Wedding Dessert Table: Sweet, Snowy, and So Stylish!

Dessert tables have been quite the rage for weddings in recent years. And for a winter season wedding, just imagine how magical these sweets display can be! Well, lucky for us, we don’t have to imagine! We found the loveliest snow-inspired dessert table on the blog True and Wesson that will surely... [Read More]

Put on a Fun Winter Dessert Table for a Wedding Shower

Desserts and the holidays seem made for each other! So it’s only fitting to have an irresistible desserts table as a focal point at a wintertime wedding shower. Just imagine the spectacle of a sweets display just brimming with Christmas treats and decorated with festive baubles and trimmings.... [Read More]

Holiday Goodies to Give as Christmas Favors

Sharing our own edible favor ideas for a yuletide season wedding was such a treat for us! We just had to search for more tempting ideas for holiday goodies to pass on to you. Maybe it’s the gift-giving spirit in the air, the fabulous packaging materials available, plus all the scrumptious cooking... [Read More]

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