12 Tips for Decorating Your First Home Together as Newlyweds

12 Tips for Decorating Home as Newlyweds by Bellenza's Home and Living Blog.

For newlyweds, one of the first major challenges is settling down into your first home together. This is often when you discover how distinct your tastes in decor and color schemes may be, or even how one of you is more cost conscious than the other! So how do you “happily marry” these differences? Here is where we offer a dozen tips for decorating your first home as newlyweds—with minimal conflict! The key is to discuss these points openly and honestly early on, so you create a haven that reflects your personalities and your lifestyle as a couple!

Key Points to Guide You in Decorating Your First Home without Going Crazy

This is where you will be spending nearly all your time together for years to come—and on which you will be making your first major investments as a couple. So here are 12 tips for starting a home you can (literally) live with!

12 Practical Ways to Decorate Your First Home Together as Newlyweds.

  1. To tackle differing tastes or styles in home decor, first survey what styles there are to choose from and what each one looks like. Is your dream look contemporary, vintage or shabby chic, modern minimalist, mid-century modern, coastal, bohemian, farmhouse, or eclectic?
  2. To handle clashing color preferences, keep in mind that color choice goes hand in hand with selecting your home decor style. When one likes pastels and the other likes bold hues, settle for a compromise color like green or go with neutrals like ivory, beige and grays. Greige is another popular option.
  3. When setting budgets and expectations, it’s best to go conservative first. Agree on one or two major focal items that will anchor your chosen look. Then shop around for sales, promos and specials on accent pieces and accessories. (See tip #8.)
  4. Find inspiration online by visiting popular home decor blogs and sites like Houzz, HGTV, Wayfair, and Dwell. Sign up on Pinterest to follow their boards—then create your own boards, label them as ideal, pragmatic or dream house, and start pinning ideas together.
  5. Find inspiration offline by visiting stores like Room and Board, Ikea, Pier One, Macy’s, and Ethan Allen for ideas. Get their catalogs, borrow interior design books, and magazines. Ask friends to refer an interior decorator you can consult.
  6. Start small, perhaps one room at a time. We suggest you begin with your living room, as this will set the general look of your home (see our inspiration board of various living room styles below). Once you’ve gotten the hang of decorating together, you can move on to the other parts of the house with more confidence and ease!
  7. To find furniture that suits your chosen style, the major home decor outlets are a huge help! They already present their pieces as a cohesive collection in a certain style. So for first-time home decorators, this could be a smart way to go. Then, you can play around with the accessories, colors, materials and patterns to make the final look your own.
  8. Look for first-mover or first home discounts from shops like Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, and other furniture retailers. Some even have a rewards credit card, offer free shipping or give deals on the last few pieces of a particular item or line.
  9. Be kind about your husband’s floral phobia and work out a compromise. Avoid large floral-print items like upholstery, drapes or rugs. Have flowers on selected smaller items like throw pillow covers or in a muted pattern on one accent chair. Or go fresh instead and have potted flowering plants to brighten up the space!
  10. Look through the items you received from your wedding registry before you make new purchases. If you planned early as suggested, you would already have pre-selected gifts you envisioned in your first home. Even the style and colors would suit your intended look. (So if you are reading this pre-wedding, do make sure to plan your registry items accordingly.)
  11. Mix in treasured items from both your families. Along with all the spanking new purchases and wedding gifts, include a furniture or decor piece or two with sentimental value that will truly make your first house a home.
  12. Create a schedule for the project. The pinning, searching, choosing and dreaming could go on and on. So give yourselves a target date to aim for: 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas—any occasion you could turn into a housewarming event to show off your new home!

6 Lovely Living Room Looks to Inspire You

To help start you off in your style search, take a look at these lovely and liveable approaches to decorating your living room!

6 Living Room Styles for Newlyweds Curated by the Bellenza Home and Living Blog.

1 – Cool Coastal Look – Create this stylishly contemporary setting with Pier 1 Import’s Nyle Putty Tan Sectional Collection covered in a neutral poly-linen blend. It offers great versatility as it can be sectioned and arranged in several ways.

2 – Modern Industrial – Soften the feel of the industrial style with Ikea’s wooden shelving units, upholstered 2-seater sofa, ottoman, modern woven rocking chair, basketry, and neutral throw pillows.

3 – Mid-Century Inspired – Capture that iconic ‘50s aesthetic with this setting from Room and Board, incorporating long, low media cabinets, tapered-leg furniture pieces, and floating shelves.

4 – Comfy Contemporary – Take inspiration from The James by Kenneth Byrd Designs, featuring furniture and decor pieces from Wayfair: the Emmons sofa, Mapleton coffee table, solid colored throw pillows, Ennis web sphere sculptures, and Ormond 65” floor lamp.

5 – Colorful Chic – Assemble a “happy place” in your home with Macy’s Amalfi Leather Sofa Living Room Furniture Collection in fresh, fun colors, paired with eclectic print throw pillow covers and an ikat pattern rug.

6 – Classic and Rustic Mix – Design “home sweet home” with Ethan Allen’s square coffee table as the focal piece, complemented by a wicker armchair with floral-print cushion covers, and “leafy” accents through actual potted plants, framed leaf prints, and green glass jar lamp bases.

We’re sure, by now, you’re raring to get going on decorating your first home! Enjoy!

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