"Campfire Cooking" and Serving Gear for Indoor Camping with the Kids

Indoor Camping Cooking Essentials

We’ve built up quite a series on indoor camping over the past weeks. That’s how excited we are about making sure you don’t miss out on family camping fun, even when you’re stuck at home or the weather turns chilly. We’ve got the indoor camping basics pretty well covered so far. Everything from assembling a makeshift indoor tent, to bringing the outdoors in for your kiddie campsite, to even building a faux campfire! All great for pretend play.

But even pretend camping needs real campfire food. So, we gave suggestions for easy indoor "campfire cooking" recipes. And now, here are some food prep, storage, and serving gear to complete the sense of outdoor adventure while staying in! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Pretend Camping Meals "Get Real" with These Essentials

Pretend Camping Meals

No Campfire? No Worries!

Recreate the thrill of gathering round the campfire to cook up some outdoor grub, even if what you’ll be using is an electric BBQ and multi-oven (1) to grill hotdogs, corn on the cob, and sliced veggies. 

Or you can warm up grilled cheese or ham and tomato sandwiches on an authentic cast-iron skillet (2) over your kitchen stove, then serve them that way at the "campsite."

And of course your little campers mustn’t miss out on toasting the famed campfire treat—but done safely on an indoor electric S’mores maker (3), complete with compartments for graham crackers, chocolate squares, and  marshmallows plus 2 roasting forks.

Let’s Eat!

For easy handling and less grease on fingers, use non-stick toaster bags (4) to pack single-serve portions of sandwiches, veggie sticks, baked fries, pizza slices, and cookies.

Come time for the kids to chow down, have metal enamelware plates, bowls, and mugs (5) just like real campers use, but lightweight and shatterproof—perfect for little hands.

And for chilled goodies, bring over an insulated cooler (6) from fridge to "campsite" to hold items like fresh fruit cups, home-made pudding, and lemonade in mini tumblers.

A Bedtime Drink

Having an overnight "camp sleep-in"? Wind down the day’s adventures by snuggling up with the little ones in their indoor tent—along with a storybook or two and a soothing bedtime drink. Have warm milk or hot cocoa ready in a retro-style insulated vacuum bottle (7) and serve it in matching plaid paper cups (8). Again, just like real campers but safe and sound, right at home!

Our Product Picks:

1 – Oberdome Electric BBQ & Multi-Oven – available on Amazon

2 – Round Cast Iron Grill Pan – from Lodge Cast Iron

3 – Nostalgia Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S’mores Maker – available on Amazon

4 – Pendleton Camp Enamelware Dishes – from Pendleton

5 – Non Stick Toaster Bags (pack of 4) – available on Amazon

6 – Star Wars Playmate Mini Toy Box 4-quart Cooler – from Igloo Coolers

7 – Wamika Checkers Plaid Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle – available on Amazon

8 – Creative Converting 9 oz. Hot/Cold Paper Cups, Buffalo Plaid – available on Amazon

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