Container Gardening Ideas for Small Living Spaces

Small container gardening ideas for small living spaces.

Where oh where can you have a garden in today’s urban homes? Well, for many first-time homeowners like you, this means scaling down the concept of “garden” to houseplants in containers! The good news is these miniature green spots can actually be quite lovely and amazingly creative—from the clever areas you find to add plants to, to the containers you use to hold, hang or grow them in. So, for that breath of fresh air in your modest home, try these ideas we found for container gardening!

Finding and Styling Green Spots in a Tight Space

Choosing a space in your small home for a bit of greenery can actually be fun! Just be imaginative and resourceful, as in these delightful examples we found.

Container Gardening for a Small Living Spaces

Always Space for Plants

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony (1), turn it into a lush little haven with potted plants and wicker chairs—perfect for reading or enjoying your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Your kitchen windowsill (6) can offer the cheeriest view with daffodils or orchids in a pretty row. In your living room (7), there’s sure to be space for a houseplant on a stand and mini pots on a tray atop a window ledge. For your home workspace (8), ivy or ferns in hanging baskets add an instant fresh feel without taking up space.

Space-saving Yet Stylish Plant Displays

With space at a premium, vertical gardening ideas have really caught on! For a kitchen herb garden, for instance, you can have your fresh spices right within reach on a wrought-iron pot rack on your kitchen wall (2). A collection of miniature plants can enjoy the sun from a window fitted with floating glass shelves (3), while a textured brick, stone or wooden wall can be fitted with a mounted bracket (4) for holding assorted small planters. For extra impact, a miniature indoor greenhouse (5) would make a unique display idea on a coffee table or window ledge.

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