How to Create Your Own Moroccan Themed Backyard Getaway

Create Your Own Moroccan Themed Backyard Getaway

We were so thrilled with how our recent Surf-themed Backyard Beach Getaway post turned out. So, we’re now kicking off a new series on Themed Backyard Getaways where you can savor the coming sunny days – beginning with a fabulous Moroccan theme!

Imagine having your very own at-home refuge to enjoy some outdoor R&R. Plus, you get to decorate it in a stylish motif of your choosing – with inspiration from our series, of course. First up, get ready to marvel at these DIY projects that will create a little corner of Morocco for your backyard getaway! (*this post contains affiliate links)

DIY Decorating Projects Inspired by Morocco

Love the intricate geometric patterns of Moroccan tile work, the ornate designs woven into their fabrics, the glowing jewel tones of their glassware, and the gleam of their metal accessories? Well, thanks to the magic of stencils, you can simulate the exotic effects of Moroccan decor with these amazing DIY tutorials we discovered.

Moroccan Themed Backyard Getaway Ideas from DIY Tables to Tiles

Create instant impact by “paving” your getaway flooring with what are actually DIY painted floor tiles (1). Or use a pro-quality Moroccan wall stencil (4) to jazz up one wall. Then, just add a comfy couch, colorful throw pillows, brass lamps or vases, and hanging and potted plants.

For standout small furniture pieces that you can also DIY using stencils, try your hand at a stenciled floor pouf (2) or this Moroccan tile-inspired outdoor end table (3).

While for touches here and there to add to the ambiance, make your own DIY Moroccan candle holders (5) from clear glass jars, bottles and globe vases upcycled with colorful glass paint and gold puff paint. Lay out a DIY Moroccan rug (6) that’s actually an ordinary rag rug transformed by lines of black paint. And hang recycled frames made to resemble DIY Moroccan wall art (7) with glitter cardstock cutouts!

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Keep a look out for each post in this series on Themed Backyard Getaways. For each theme, we promise just as creative and doable decor projects to capture the look you want!

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