Creative Election Crafts to Make with Kids: Get Your Votes Out!

Election Crafts to Make with Kids - Get Your Votes Out!

For preschoolers and early graders, all this Election 2020 buzz is probably pretty bewildering. But you do want to start them young seeing how an election lets us choose our country’s leaders, and how every vote counts. Talk about a teachable moment for good citizenship!

So grab this chance to use some of that family at-home time to do election crafts together. We’ve gathered a really fun selection of projects that are easy, affordable, doable by kids on their own or with the family pitching in. And best of all, let you chat about elections and voting as you work!

Cast Your Vote for Election Crafts for Your Kids

Hooray for the teachers and parents who came up with these creative projects—and shared them online for all. Now, you get to choose!

Cast Your Vote with Election Crafts for Kids

Buttons, Badges and Banners – Kids will love making these, then pinning them on or handing them out to friends and neighbors.

Printable election day buttons (1) mounted on wooden discs are a cute craft from Make Life Lovely. Fun Family Crafts has this adorable "Future Voter" button (2) made from a jar lid and felt cutouts that all the little ones can wear. And for really little ones, how easy would these star sticker "Vote" banners (3) by Activities for Kids be, with a little help from Dad or Mom.

Polling Practice – For older children, these next crafts will help give them an idea of the election process, while still being tons of fun!

Get your kids to assemble a DIY "The Future is in Your Hands" board (4) like this one from Jillian Pikora, displaying their own mini posters and artwork. Then, hold a family mock election using a DIY Kleenex Ballot Box (5) made following Motherhood On a Dime’s great tutorial. Finally, you can create homemade wall art inspired by this chalkboard-style United States map (6) featured on Cricut, to track the voting results together as the numbers come in!

Election-themed Goodies – Oh wait! With all that crafting work, you mustn’t forget the treats for your junior citizens. Check out these Oreo-based Election Day cookies (7) from Finding Debra—and lots more recipes online.

With just weeks to go before the 2020 Elections, family crafts like these will make the lead-up both educational and enjoyable!

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